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Watch Rick Barnes Cut Up With Bob Kesling In These Outtakes

Tennessee basketball coach Rick Barnes, known for his down-to-Earth personality and no-nonsense coaching style, apparently has no filter when he sits down with Voice of the Vols Bob Kesling. The official Tennessee Basketball Twitter account recently tweeted out a video of some outtakes from Kesling and Barnes talking about his team.

The majority of the outtakes are of Barnes ripping Kesling to shreds for what seems like no reason other than he thinks it’s funny.

Some of the clips are of Barnes acting like he is on the phone while Kesling is trying to talk to him. Others are of him making fun of Kesling when he screws up. The majority of them are of Kesling being called ugly, and there are still others of Barnes saying Kesling’s job is pretty much a joke. However, Barnes’ best joke, by far, was making fun of Kesling and his chair.

For some reason, about half the video is of Kesling complaining about the chairs they use on the set. Apparently, Barnes got a whiff of this, and calls Kesling out for crying about them. In a moment of genius, Barnes acted like he was going to be sincere to end a show, then had a high-chair (a “baby chair” as he called it) brought out for Kesling to sit in instead of his uncomfortable chair.

All this could possibly mean one of two things: Barnes and Kesling can’t stand each other and express this mutual disdain by trying to roast each other under the lights and acting like thy’re having a good time, or Barnes is actually Kesling’s daddy. Though seeing as how they’re about the same age, that doesn’t seem very likely.

Who knew Barnes had no chill, though?

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