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You Should Just Put The Mask On, Here’s Why

Cocid-19 Mask
Let’s start with my opinion because clearly that is what matters most to you.

Personally, I think wearing a mask is a win all the way around. Forget the fact that we don’t know if it works, we do know that it can’t hurt.

Now, I won’t sit behind my keyboard and pretend that I am some sort of expert in masks or infectious disease.

But, I will say that Jim Carrey and I have the same birthday, and he was in a movie called “The Mask”. So, I guess I am kind of an expert about it in those aspects.

Regardless of if I’m smart, intelligent, or even dumb, I do know what Pros and Cons are.

So, just like Jim Halpert, we are gonna make a pros and cons list.

Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this important debate that has so many people .


One con that I have been informed about is that it can be itchy.



Are you nine (9) not wanting to wear the Christmas sweater Great Aunt Kathleen made you? Life is about sacrifices. Sorry kid.

Or another con that I heard through the complaint box is that it impedes breathing.

To this I can just use a simple simile.

This is the first time I’ve knowingly used one since English class though. So, this is kinda big for me.

A mask is like a condom.

There, I said it.

I’ve never used one, nonetheless had sex, but I know the basics.

You wear a mask on your head to help filter what you breathe. Keeping things you don’t want in, out.

This protects you from spreadable diseases. It’s a little uncomfortable and falls off a lot.

I stand with my comparison.


Where do I begin?

Oh. You don’t have to brush your teeth anymore.

I know it sounds gross, but hear this non expert out.

You don’t brush your teeth, what happens? Your breath smells bad.

Then people won’t want to stand close to each other which strengths social distancing.

Watch out!

About to drop another pro on you.

You can have terrible beard or mustache game and still talk to girls. The mask life is a bald lipped man’s paradise.

Another pro: There are no bad smells.

Masks, in their protective nature, don’t let most smells through. But, walk by some homely mom and pop shop bakery, and you’ll smell the yeast rising.

I hope by now, having a chance to glance at my own personal Pros and Cons list, you can make an informed decision on your well being.

Actually, retract that.

Not only your well being, but dogs can get COVID too.

Think about that next time you forget your mask.

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