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Pittsburgh Media: Sit Down, Be Humble

For God knows what reason, the Pittsburgh media has decided that the Nashville Predators fan base is undeserving of having fun. Since the Predators won Game 3 and showed a national audience what “Smashville” is all about, the Pittsburgh media has done nothing but try to bury the Nashville fanbase. Frankly, it’s absurd. Let’s begin with this tweet from Jeff Verszyla, Pittsburgh’s chief meteorologist:

There are so many issues with this tweet, I barely know where to start. First of all, is he aware that Nashville liked the Preds before these past few months? Obviously there are a considerable amount of new bandwagon fans who’ve begun to pay attention, but every team has those. I’d love to hear how many Penguins fans can name three players not named Sidney Crosby. This tweet quickly drew the ire of many Predators fans, and some began to clap back at Jeff:

After doubling down several times, a quick Google search and tweet from Ryan Callahan forced Jeff to simply log off for the night:

Obviously one weatherman’s tweet doesn’t represent the opinions of the whole city. However, the Nashville hate has continued.


I don’t even know what to say at this point. To save you some time, Dan claims in his article that via his “radio-trained ears” that he can tell that Nashville’s crowd noise does not actually reach 130 decibels. Whatever the case, he then claims that Nashville MUST be pumping crowd noise in to reach this level. First, I would love to know how one can train their ears to pick up on decibel levels. Next, it is a ridiculous jump to assert that the Predators are pumping in crowd noise because you think you heard something a little less loud. Lastly, if anyone needs to pump in crowd noise, it’s Pittsburgh.


Next, we get to this gem of a tweet:



Let’s go line by line here. First, the car smashing actually benefits the Predators Foundation, which contributes to various other charities across the Nashville area. Next, the catfish tossing is a Nashville tradition that has brought many fans together. Just because all Pittsburgh has is “Go Pens Go” (which is the most unoriginal chant in sports) doesn’t mean that other teams aren’t allowed to have fun and engaging traditions. I would love to hear which country singers are seeking the camera. Is it Carrie Underwood, wife of TEAM CAPTAIN Mike Fisher? Is it any of the various other country artists who live in Nashville and support their local team? Have they actively sought to be on the camera? Lastly, why is Nashville a hockey-novice city? Is it because they’ve never won a Stanley Cup? Is it because there is a new group of fans joining the bandwagon?

I will never understand why there are hockey fans who will complain endlessly about how little respect their sport gets, but then when a new market begins to enjoy hockey and get excited they tell these new fans that they aren’t allowed to be excited. If you truly want your sport to grow, then welcome in new fans. The reason that markets such as Pittsburgh, Chicago, etc. have so many fans is because they’ve been successful in the past. Thus they have enjoyed the benefits of a bandwagon that has developed into long term fans. Nashville is going through the stage where people are hopping on the bandwagon, and that has evidently upset Pittsburgh fans and media. If you want your sport to grow, stop complaining when people actually try to enjoy it.

I would also like to quickly point out that Nashville loving the Predators and supporting them is not a new phenomenon as some would have you believe. Pete Blackburn of Fox Sports points out that Nashville’s season attendance has remained consistently high:



I haven’t even begun to discuss the blatantly biased and unprofessional reporting of NBCSN anchor Mike Milbury, who has set a horrible precedent with his recent comments, especially about PK Subban. But that is a different story for a different article.

To all the Pittsburgh fans and media who have taken to trashing Nashville, I ask you to sit down and be humble. A hockey revolution is taking place in Nashville right now, and your disparaging comments won’t change that. And why would you want to? If you’re going to complain about how no one appreciates hockey, you cannot get upset when people finally do. Frankly, you can keep your sour grapes. We’ll take your Stanley Cup.

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