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Phillip Fulmer Currently Optimistic For Football With Fans

Tennessee AD Phillip Fulmer is operating, as of now, like Neyland Stadium will be full capacity this fall.

In an interview with 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, Fulmer remarked it is “easier to adjust down than adjust up.”

Fulmer has been one of the only sensible people as of late when it comes to operating in this COVID world. Let me just say, I agree with the Ol’ Battle Cap’n.

I am going to break down some statistics for you. So if you are offended by facts and numbers, leave now.

Let’s get all mathematical.

The United States has tested a reported 30,059,864 individuals. Currently as of writing this, in the U.S. there have been 2,462,554 cases of COVID-19 reported.

This is an infection rate of 8.2 percent. LESS THAN 10 PERCENT. This doesn’t even break down those who are asymptomatic.

Let’s take this a step further. Per 1 million people, there are 7,440 cases. This means around .74 percent out of 1 million people are infected.

Let me do you one better, there are 376 deaths per 1 million people. This means that .038 percent out of a million people die of this virus. Less than one freakin’ percent out of a million.

What’s that? You don’t want numbers based out of a million? Ok, that’s fine.

Out of those 2,462,554 reported cases, 124,281 have died, or 5.05 percent. 5 percent.

More people died last year of the following ailments:

  • Heart Disease – 655,381
  • Cancer – 599,274
  • Accidents/Unintentional (Car accidents, Drug Overdoses, Falls, etc) – 167,127

We haven’t canceled society and shut down the country for any of these. A lot of people are saying we need to stay this way till a vaccine is found.


This is going to be like the flu where you hope that year’s shot is effective against all strains. COVID-19 is going to be like every other virus ever and it will evolve and mutate and it will always be around.

We have got to get back to a sense of how things were before.

I commend those who are pushing for a sense of normalcy for this fall. So many people were adversely affected by this “crisis.” So many people have lost their businesses, their livelihoods, etc.

The economy has nearly been decimated. The level of paranoia and unease when people just go to get a gallon of milk is at an all-time high. I praise Fulmer for having this mindset and outlook.

With how this year has gone I think we all need Gators with 100 percent capacity. GIVE ME SOONERS WITH 100% CAPACITY.

Give me Neyland with 102,454 other people screaming Rocky Top.

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