Peyton Manning Tops NFL in Endorsement Deal Earnings

Whether you need pizza, insurance, electronics, or a Buick, Peyton Manning has sold it all to you. The Sheriff is one of the most prolific pitchmen in all of American sports. And thanks to his affinity for endorsement deals, the beloved former Tennessee quarterback ended up on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s highest paid athletes.

Manning came in at No. 27 on the list behind Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus and ahead of NBA point guard Derrick Rose. According to Forbes, Manning makes a total of $34.2 million with his salary from the Denver Broncos accounting for 19.2 million and his endorsement deals amounting to $15 million. His endorsements are worth more than those of any other NFL player on the list with the next closest being Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who makes $12 million from endorsements. Apparently, Manning’s advertising earnings have increased by $3 million from just last year when Forbes reported that he made $12 million from off-the-field ventures.

Needless to say, Manning might now be retired from the game of football but he’ll be selling every product imaginable to fans for years to come.