One Year Later: Vol Twitter Remembers Georgia State


It snuck up on me, and it probably did you too.

Monday, Aug. 31, 2020, marked the one-year anniversary of Tennessee paying the Georgia State athletic department a cool $950,000 for its football team to make the quick trip from Atlanta to Knoxville to take an easy season-opening loss.

Er, I mean to compete and still come up short against the Vols. Um…wait, you’re telling me they still really beat Tennessee?


But yeah, the end of August 2019 became a mini-apocalypse around here. After a 2-10 campaign in 2018, the Panthers came to Knoxville and ran all over Tennessee to hand the Vols arguably (it’s not an argument) the worst loss in school history. We were the punching bag of the college football world (again), the memes were inescapable and social media was an absolute no man’s land.

And if you attended the game as I did, it may have been the most soulless walk out of Neyland Stadium you’ve ever partaken in. The added August heat and humidity only added to the pain. Damn you, South.

So, with it already being one year since that fateful day, I took to the Twitter streets to ask the common people a simple question:

Per usual, Vol Twitter didn’t fail.

Where Were You?

Miss you, King.

Lucky you, Troy!

Cleaning fee was worth it tbh.

I am glad we all handled that loss very well, with grace and maturity. Thank God for Neyland selling beers the following week for the BYU game.

I think this has been therapeutic in a way. Certainly easier to remember and laugh when you had the second half of the season that Tennessee did, now taking the nation’s second-longest winning streak into the 2020 season.

Oh, who am I kidding, a part of me still died that day. Go Vols.