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Oklahoma Is Seeking A Bye Week Before Playing Tennessee

While conferences are planning on having their season-openers moved down the schedule, Oklahoma is trying to do the opposite.

Oklahoma at the moment has its season-opener scheduled on Sept. 5 against FCS Missouri State in Norman. However, the Sooners are looking to move the opener a week up to Aug. 29. Missouri State is reportedly open to the move.

This seems like a bit of a strange move, right? Well, Oklahoma’s athletic director Joe Castiglione gave an explanation on why OU is pushing this move.

“OU athletic director Joe Castiglione’s rationale in this pandemic-stricken year is that moving the opener would give OU an off week after each of its first two games, which could be valuable with the testing of players for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

With constant testing and the subsequent contact tracing for those exposed, teams face a season with frequent quarantines and isolation of players who either have the virus or have been exposed to it.”

Oklahoma is saying the reason behind this move is due to testing for the coronavirus. For me, the reasoning is rather strange.

Other teams outside the Big Ten and Pac-12 are planning on playing their openers on the original dates, including Tennessee. To be honest, I don’t buy this reason. I think it is fake news.

I think Oklahoma is realizing that they are not ready for the Vols and they are doing whatever it takes to get an extra week of preparation. We will know in the coming days if the move will be allowed.

But this proposal to move their opener a week back only means one thing: Oklahoma is not ready for Tennessee.

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