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The NFL Draft Most Meme-Worthy Moments Of The First Round

NFL: Draft

Everyone knew that going into the first ever virtual NFL Draft, it was going to be unlike anything we have ever witnessed before.


Besides the obvious: no fans, no *live* booing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, no draft picks walking on stage to bear hug said commish and more, there was much speculation in the days leading up to Thursday night about the chaos a virtual draft would bring.


Well, thanks to some test runs beforehand, and great IT professionals, the first round of the draft went off without any major technical malfunctions. However, this didn’t mean that there wasn’t a gold mine of material for Twitter to have fun with.


Here are the most meme-worthy moments of Thursday night’s first-round:


Mike Vrabel and everything at his house


Where do you even begin when you discuss the undisputed No. 1 war room set-up courtesy of the Titans’ head coach?



  • Vrabel with the dip in
  • Vrabel’s son, Carter, wearing his dad’s 2007 Pro Bowl jersey
  • Carter’s friend, Jackson, looking like Frozone from The Incredibles
  • Vrabel’s other son, Tyler, in the background, looking like he was on the toilet with the bathroom door open


For Tyler’s sake, dad came to the rescue when discussing the scene with the media, saying: “I know that there are pictures going around, and Tyler was not using the restroom,” Vrabel said. “Tyler was sitting on a barstool next to his mom, and as fate would have it, it came across as probably something other than that. … Tyler wanted nothing to do with (being on TV).”


I guess when you end the Patriots’ dynasty, you can present yourself to a national TV audience however the hell you please.


Jerry Jeudy’s old philosophical Big Bird tweets


It has become a Draft Night staple at this point: random Twitter users searching years-old controversial tweets of draftees to showcase to the world. Always delete your old tweets, folks.


A favorite genre of tweet is the player who sent a tweet back in high school/college, making fun of the team that eventually drafted him. Last night’s notable victim: second overall selection, DE Chase Young and the Redskins:



Funny, but this doesn’t even compare to what Twitter users found out about a then high-schooler Jerry Jeudy (selected 15th overall by the Broncos) was tweeting about beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird before he was torching DBs for Alabama.





I mean…what *would* you do?


CeeDee Lamb wants no part of his GF having his phone


It was one of the most-discussed moments of the first round and one of the funniest things to happen from the live shots of the draft selections. Like Kevin Gates, the former Oklahoma star and the Dallas Cowboys’ No. 17 overall had two phones with him after he was taken by Jerry Jones. Well, watch what happened when Lamb’s lady friend took the phone that was in his left hand:



Just flawless execution. But, of course, this required some context and explanation:




Case closed?


Oh, and fellow Sooner and Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young somehow became the biggest victim in all of this:



“Sheesh.” – Kermit the Frog


Javon Kinlaw’s father reacts the way most of us would in that position



This is the best “dad falls on the floor because of his son’s success” moment since Ron Hunter fell off his stool in the 2015 NCAA Tournament.


I don’t have anything else to add to this other than to tell you to learn the story of Kinlaw’s upbringing.


Trey Wingo was on the receiving end of some uncomfortable silence



Whether you chop this one up to a technical glitch or confusion from the analysts on who was supposed to respond, I can almost feel the cringe through my screen. You had to know that a moment like this one was going to come via the virtual draft, but it probably didn’t make it easier for Wingo. Ouch.


We still have two more days of the virtual NFL Draft to come, so I am sure the internet will be delivered more material here soon.

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