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NFL Betting Lines: Top 10 Underdogs Who Can Spoil The Super Bowl Favorites


The 2020 NFL season pushes through this September 10, 2020, wherein the Kansas Chiefs will compete against the Houston Texans. Since the Chiefs are the defending champs, they will get the home-court advantage. The remaining teams will also have their Divisional Playoffs the following day.

Technically, football fans and bettors look forward to the strongest teams to bet. While this is true, football enthusiasts who’re up to take a risk can earn more by betting on the underdogs. Many have surprisingly won the playoffs, like what the Titans did to the Pats last season.

In the upcoming NFL season, fans can ultimately see the most hyped teams forming the best roster ever. Although these teams might come as underdogs, they should never be undervalued because they can win outright. These are the top NFL underdogs this year and their current odds to win the Super Bowl LV.

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Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders will represent the AFC West, who will compete with the Panthers during their first game in the 2020 NFL season. This team had appeared in the league playoffs last 2016. After an injury suffered by Daren McFadden last year, he is now back for the Raiders and will work directly with Jason Campbell to score better.

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Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals will face the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West. The Cardinals have not appeared in the playoffs since 2015 and are still considered the underdogs in the said conference. After acquiring Derek Anderson in the NFL Draft, the Cardinals expect him to step up to end their 4-year drought in the league playoffs.

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Carolina Panthers

The NFC South Division has Carolina Panthers as one of the dogs in the upcoming NFL season. They had their last playoffs appearance in 2017 and NFC title in 2015. This team had faced many challenges in the preseason because some players in the offensive line suffered injuries. However, Matt Moore will lead the lineup as the quarterback who will enter his first season with the Panthers.

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Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are up for a challenge in the opening day at the AFC North against the Los Angeles Chargers. With many talented players, like Cedric Benson and Carson Palmer, the Bengals are on the right track this year. They also suffered a four-year drought in the playoffs, last appearing in 2015. But they are surely bouncing back big this season.

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Dallas Cowboys

Although the Cowboys have made a huge leap in the NFL Draft, the team is still one of the underdogs representing the NFC East. The Cowboys had their last stint in the playoffs last 2018. With the current lineup, being one of the dogs doesn’t matter since they have plenty of excellent receivers to boost their offense. Tony Romo is expected to lead the pack and is considered as one of the toughest receivers in the NFL today.

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San Francisco 49ers

After heading to the Super Bowl finals last year, almost disappointing the Chiefs, the 49ers are returning to the NFC East’s NFL season as the dogs. It might seem that it’s the team’s destiny not to be favorites, but they can surprisingly win on any given day. Today, the Niners have a more reliable defense division led by a fresh backfield talent, Frank Gore.

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Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had a rough ride last NFL season but managed to reach the league playoffs because of determination and composure. Today, they struggled in the race and lost some important games, leading them to be dogs in the NFC North. However, if Brett Favre can put back his reliable receivers during the opening day, they might make miracles.

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Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have been silent in the AFC West since 2015. They never appeared in the playoffs for four years, not even getting back the  AFC West Division title. This NFL season, they are returning as the underdogs, and they expect David Garrard to lead the team in a more successful position.

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Atlanta Falcons

The NFC South will have Atlanta Falcons again in the upcoming NFL season as one of the underdogs. They last appeared in the 2017 league playoffs and hoped to do better this year after boosting the lineup during the drafting. Matt Ryan and Roddy White will work together to keep the team’s defense tougher in the receiving area.

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Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have done a great picking during the draft after acquiring Brandon Marshall. Because of this, Chad Henne will have the chance to shine in the receiving department, which was the Dolphins’ missing weapon last season. Playing as the dogs for the AFC East, the Dolphins look more solid this time.

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Although the teams mentioned above are today’s NFL biggest underdogs, it doesn’t mean they can’t turn the tables and win. Looking back, most dogs have dominated NFL games, especially in the playoffs. Hence, in the upcoming NFL season, don’t hesitate to cheer for these underdogs since they have a chance to win in the Super Bowl LV.

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