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Was The NBA Tweet Of Dave Chappelle And Amy Schumer Funny or Ignorant?

Sunday night’s NBA game was weird enough with the Celtics going into Cleveland and beating the Cavs without their best player Isaiah Thomas (search “NBA is rigged” on Google). But it got even more bizarre when the NBA Twitter account posted this at 9:31pm about Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle.

The Tweet got over 3,100 responses, which according to our own Houston Kress means, “Ya done messed up.”

Not so fast, my “largest city in Texas” friend.

In a world where every tweet is offensive to someone, I think people need to relax on this. Whoever is running the NBA Twitter account has a good sense of humor. The problem with this joke is the timing. And if you’re a connoisseur of comedy like I am, you know that jokes are 10% material, 90% timing.

You would all be applauding this tweet if it had been posted four months ago. Here’s why.

We’ve all seen Chappelle’s Show, and had to endure listening to that one friend who kept yelling the line about Rick James.

But then he was gone. Dave disappeared from the spotlight amidst a flurry of Elvis and 2-Pac-like rumors suggesting he was dead or in hiding.

That’s when this joke would have been funny. Imagine not hearing or seeing Chappelle for years, and then suddenly he’s behind the Cavs bench. Rather then tweeting out “hey there’s Dave Chappelle” a funny joke, knowing it was Dave, would have made the “Amy and some fan” joke.

This tweet doesn’t work now because Chappelle just released two specials on Netflix, and he’s right in the middle of a career revival. You can’t use the “who is that guy” joke anymore because he’s back.

Alternate Theory

The person behind this tweet truly is an ignorant millennial. He/she has absolutely no idea who Dave Chappelle is, and the tweet was meant to be taken literally: Amy and some fan.

Should this be the case, that person should be forced to watch all 28 episodes of Chappelle’s Show until “It’s Rick James, bitch!” Is their only response when someone asks them a question.

To get to the bottom of this, Lexi Pierce and I came to you, the people, to find out what’s what.


So there you have it. Everyone seems to know Dave Chappelle and everyone knows Amy Schumer…isn’t funny.


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