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Mt. Everest Was Totally Overrated, But Now It’s Back After Hillary Step Collapse

In the world of high altitude mountaineering, I’m the FOX Sports Knoxville expert. That means I’ve read some books on the subject and I can tell you for a fact that climbing Mt. Everest is an overrated accomplishment when compared to other more dangerous peaks around the globe.

Is Mt. Everest the highest peak on earth? Sure. Is there a ride at Disney World with the same name for KIDS? Also yes. And you know why that is? Because it’s more of a commercial exercise than the peak of the profession. Mt. Everest has always been overrated just because it’s tall. Did you know that 20% of seven-footers on the planet are in the NBA? If you’re tall, you’re born on 3rd base. Check the stats.

The death rate on Everest is like 6.5%, which pales in comparison to K2’s 23%. According to this list I found on the internet you can see that Everest doesn’t even rate in the top 8 of most dangerous mountains to climb.

Over the weekend though, things changed. Part of the Hillary Step, the infamous 39-foot vertical wall near the top of the summit, collapsed.

What. A. Game. Changer. Similar to Butch Jones and his revamped coaching staff on the recruiting trail, Everest now has all the momentum and may be moving on up. My 3&OUT co-host Houston Kress argued the point this morning…

I have so many questions. Apparently, the Step, named after Sir Edmund Hillary who first summitted the most overrated mountain on earth, may have collapsed due to the lingering effects of the 2015 earthquake that did not allow anyone to reach the peak during the entire climbing season that year.

Does this make the route that much more difficult? Will big time professional climbers now see Everest as a true challenge after years of commercialization? Will all these climbing blogs redo their “Most Dangerous Power Rankings?” It’s serious stuff people.

The Man vs. Nature topics (Did you miss this sea lion snatch a kid right off the dock?) that can send you down two wasted hours of google searching or YouTube videos. Everest had peaked, but now with the help of an earthquake (kind of like a wave of coaching staff changes), it’s now a much more dangerous opponent.

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