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MLB inability to reach a deal is frustrating for players and baseball fans


As each day passes, the likeliness of a 2020 MLB baseball season to occur this year is looking grim. However,  on Sunday, the MLBPA came out with a counterproposal.

The proposal included many things, including a 114 game regular season that would start from June 30th and end on October 31st.

It also proposed expanding the playoffs from 10 to 14 teams for the next two seasons.

In addition to the expansion of the playoffs, MLBPA also proposed to hold an offseason All-Star game and Home Run Derby to get extra revenue.

Lastly, it added that players were not deemed as high risk to the virus would be able to opt-out and not receive their salary.

Major League Baseball is expected to say no to this counterproposal. Instead, MLB has discussed the possibility of playing a shorter season. This proposal has not been presented to the MLBPA. MLB’s proposal is including playing a schedule of 50 games starting July if a deal can not be reached.

This is not the MLB’s first proposal of a shortened season.

MLB’s first proposal included playing an 82 game season with significant pay cuts for the players. As expected, the MLBPA did not accept this proposal.

The inability of both the league and player’s association to be able to find a middle ground is utterly frustrating.

It’s evident that both sides want a season to occur.

As sports fans and even as Americans, we need a season to happen. We need a season to get our minds off what is happening right now. But as each day passes, the likeliness of a 2020 MLB season to occur is less and less likely.


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