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Meet “The Legends of Lindsey-Nelson”: The Students That Are Taking Tennessee Baseball To the Moon

“We love drinking. We love baseball. We love the Vols.”

What do you get when you combine a rowdy group of college students, a Top-10 collegiate baseball team, and some good old-fashioned alcohol?

Yup, you guessed it. The Legends of Lindsey-Nelson.

At the University of Tennessee, there’s a group of guys that are simply trying to do their part in creating a winning baseball culture in Knoxville. Prepped and ready for each game, with the sole intention to cause disruption to the opposition, the Legends are ready to take Tennessee baseball “to the moon”.

But who exactly are the Legends? Great question.

Meet Matt, Jack, Colin, Nate, Christian, Jake, Dakota, and Kyle. These are just some of the 10 to 11 founders and stars of the Legends of Lindsey-Nelson.

These juniors at the University of Tennessee are the names behind the faces that went viral in the middle of March after releasing a video of themselves heckling UNC-Greensboro players from the stands.

After meeting in college and continuing to stay friends throughout, the group of guys put together three of their favorite things and decided to make one heck of an evening.

“We love drinking. We love baseball. We love the Vols.”

Fanrun Radio’s Logan Quinton was in attendance for one of the Legends games and recalled how much fun it was to have them unexpectedly emerge onto the scene in the middle of a casual weekend series.

“I was worried about the fans being juiced with limited seating this year,” said Quinton. “That’s not so much of a worry now. After seeing and hearing those guys keep the energy up for the whole game, I think the Vols have a little bit of an edge when it comes to atmosphere.”

The Making of The Legends

While still fairly new, the legends are poised to become one of the most fun parts of this baseball season. But when, and how exactly, did the whole thing begin?

“Against UNC-Greensboro,” the Legends said in an exclusive interview with Fanrun Radio. “We were all drinking and said, ‘Let’s go to the baseball game later and chirp the other team.’ Everybody loved it! All the ushers, all the older fans kept coming up to us and told us how much they loved it.”

Even with Tennessee baseball allowing their fans into the stadium this year, a group of older students standing up and yelling is not something that happens often, or really even ever, at Lindsey-Nelson stadium. But the reaction from the rest of the crowd was certainly welcomed.

“We were really surprised when the ushers came down to us,” said one of the members. “And we weren’t sure how much they were going to like our, loudness, and then all of a sudden we started getting a lot of positive feedback. So we were like, alright we’ll keep doing it! We started going to every game since and it’s been awesome.”

Knowing how the group started and the reaction during their first appearance, it’s important to also know what makes them so special (and so funny).

The Legends will stand up for every game, relentlessly heckling the opposing players, to try to get in their heads and throw them off their game. Something Arkansas and Florida fans are famous for.

The Legends’ Game (And Their Rules)

“We have two rules,” said the Legends. “No swearing and keep it brief.”

Well, that’s fair.

“Pretty much, we just want to get in their heads as much as possible and make them feel… well, if they’re looking a little chubby on the field we’ll make sure they know that.”

As any good students of the classroom are, the Legends are well researched and come prepared, even though they don’t plan out what they are going to say.

“We print out a roster for the other team,” the Legends said. “And we have the players’ bios pulled up. We do some research coming into the game! We don’t write our lines, that comes off the top. But we have our background work covered.”

“If [an opposing player] is dating a four,” chimed in another Legend. “He’s going to KNOW he’s dating a four!”

The goal for the Legends is to find the perfect line that can knock the player off his game, while also still showing a little class and respect while doing so.

“We try to get as personal as possible without crossing any lines,” one member of the group said. “And if [any player] chirps back, or gives any gesture back, it’s pretty much over for them.”

One of the guys quickly followed and said, “That’s a TKO!”

“I know from the last game,” the Legends continued on to say. “The right fielder told us to shut up and even showed us a little bird.”

Logan Quinton was quick to back up that sentiment.

“I feel bad for the opposition’s first basemen and right fielder,” Quinton said. “Those guys get the most of the business. And, I heard everything from calling the umpire ‘Angel Hernandez’ to telling a crying baby to shut up.”

The Legends Catch the Eye of Tony Vitello

As the Legends continued to make their appearances, even Tennessee head coach Tony Vitello had his eye on the rowdy group on the first-base line in their first series in the stands.

“I saw Vitello kind of shout us out in his postgame on Sunday,” exclaimed one of the Legends. “No big deal. He might have said we were obnoxious fans, but he said we were extremely loyal. And very obnoxious if you’re the other team.”

They then added that the team itself had even taken notice.

“They’re tossing us some free jerseys,” said the Legends. “Some of their old jerseys. We want to get something worked out with the stadium, like maybe some free drink tickets!”

“Yeah, hopefully, that’s coming soon,” another said as the group burst out laughing in unison.

The sounds of the fans were enough to capture anyone’s attention that was on the field, but if it didn’t, the Legends theme of the night might have done the trick instead.

“Each game we try to have a theme,” said the Legends. “The first game we just went. But the second game was crazy shirts, so we all just wore these ridiculous shirts. And then the next game we did hockey jerseys. I think for each game, we’re going to tweet out something about a theme and try to get as many fans to dress that way.”

The Legends Are Here for the People… and the SEC

In the Legends section, anyone is welcome. Well, as long as they follow the only two rules, that is.

“We’ve got our original group,” said the Legends. “Our core group of guys, and then anyone who wants to come to be a fan is more than welcome.”

You heard it here first. Anyone can take part in an incredible night of baseball with the loudest group in the stadium.

“The Legends are a fun group to watch a ballgame with,” said Quinton. “In all honesty, it’s a group you can have your family around and still feed off the energy and enjoy the game. Well, unless you have an irritated baby, of course.”

The Legends say that they will be at every home game this year, and will even travel with the team as long as they get “their own party bus”. Although, that one may be difficult to come by, fellas.

Whether you are a student or just a fan living in Knoxville, the Legends may just wind up being one of the most must-see attractions for the Tennessee baseball season. Their banter, heckling, and humor will have a smile on your face regardless of the score.

What’s on the horizon for the Legends? Trying to go bigger and better for each game. With SEC play finally starting in Knoxville, the Legends are sure to step up their game to match the team.

“We’re just as much of a team as the baseball team is,” explained the Legends. “And some would also say that we are more of the reason why the team is winning than they are. I mean, I didn’t say that, but other people are!”

If you want to go see the Legends, make sure to circle one key series on your Vol Baseball calendar. 

“Definitely the Vanderbilt series.”

The Legends’ legend will only grow throughout the year, and here at the start, it has absolutely taken off. Maybe even like a rocket ship. You won’t want to miss it.

“We had no idea that this would turn into this,” said the Legends. “Like we said, we just got drunk one night and decided to come to the game. And as this turned into a beautiful… empire, I would say… we’re going to the moon.”


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