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A List Of Other Celebrities Who Should Run For Office

President Kanye West.

How does that sound? Not great right?

It isn’t because Kanye is a celebrity with zero political experience or because he’s mentally unstable. It is because he cannot relate to society. He has little to none nuance in his thoughts.

But as I do best, here is a list of some dope celebrities who should run our country:

1. Dr. Dre

Free shitty headphones for everyone. I’d want that more than free healthcare. Like I can pay for band aids but I really can’t pay for Beats.

Also he is a doctor so I’m sure our healthcare system will be fine. He would probably just prescribe everyone chronic.

2. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe would literally be a perfect president.

He practically has political experience because he portrayed JFK in the television series “Killing Kennedy.”

He would run as a Democratic Socialist rooting for big government, but I’m basing that off him wearing the NFL logo hat so…

3. Shaquille O’Neal

First things first, Big Diesel wouldn’t be able to fit under the door ways of the White House, which means they get renovations.

I mean just think about how funny Shaq would look in the Oval Office. Him signing an Executive Order and making the pen look like its meant for children. I’m loosing my shit just thinking of the meme opportunities.

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