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Lane Kiffin: Genius?

Lane Kiffin stays two steps ahead of the crooked media.

Lane Kiffin is sacrificing a pawn while also setting you up for a double-jump in checkers. It’s the rare cross-sport reference that may or may not make sense.

Just like Lane Kiffin.

Florida Atlantic released the infamous hype video that you have almost all certainly seen by now. If not, watch below, and I will meet you on the other side…


…Did you cringe? Did you feel embarrassed for Lane? Are you ashamed of yourself for ever thinking Lane was a cool guy? I hate to tell you, but you have worked yourself into a shoot, brother.

Yes, this is the same Lane Kiffin that had his antics idolized by Lil Wayne at the apex of his fame. He has blonde hair and was known as a California man. He had a bombshell of a wife while still having a lot of sex with coeds and other middle-aged women.

But, at his core, Lane Kiffin is a loser. He’s not cool. He’s an introvert. Smooth in front of the media? Nope. He’s a 41-year-old divorced, single dad moving to a new city after taking a pretty big pay cut. His alias is Joey F’n Freshwater. His life is in shambles.

With that in mind, watch the video again.




Does it not look like a plead for help?

Leave me alone. Let me live at the beach. Let me have sex in peace. I don’t necessarily like being a celebrity. Let me win some football games and then get a better job. . . by the way, I did good at USC. Did you forget about all of the sanctions we had imposed on us because of that sleezeball Pete Carroll? WE FINISHED SIXTH IN THE COUNTRY!!! By the way, hello ladies.”

Either way, a lot of people on the internet are talking about the Florida Atlantic Owls. This video is already the fourth time this offseason that FAU has been the focus of discussion (Kiffin hiring, that FSU QB who punched that girl transferring there, Art Briles’ son getting a job there despite all of the Baylor stuff).

An ex-Tennessee football coach once coined the phrase, “All publicity is good publicity.”

Really makes you think.

At least at the end of the day, at least we got this cool mix of elevator and beach music. And, most importantly, we will always think about Lane Kiffin and the Florida Atlantic Owls every time we tell someone that something is okay while giving them that goofy hand signal.

Lane Kiffin

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