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Known Dullard Mike Griffith is Wrong Again

Mike Griffith

Mike Griffith


As Jeremy Pruitt and the Vols continue to be on the hottest recruiting trail in the country, some SEC media members are not buying the hype. Mike Griffith of DawgNation is one of those people, and he discussed the matter Monday on The Paul Finebaum Show.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mike’s work, consider yourself lucky.

Long story short, Griffith used to cover the Vols. He vehemently defended the notion that Butch Jones was a good head coach. He also thought Butch should have kept his job at Tennessee following the worst season in program history.

And as we all know, AD’s have yet to hire Butch in any capacity as he currently begins the third year of his internship at Alabama. You can only hear so many bad takes from Mike before you start to question whether or not he could get a higher score than Vince Young on the Wonderlic.

Anyways, here is what Mike had to say on Monday…

In all fairness, if you don’t buy the hype and don’t think high caliber players will be committed to Tennessee come signing day, it’s whatever. I can at least respect that take. But Mike Griffith is just flat out wrong about the caliber of players currently committing to UT.

According to the 247 sports composite rankings for 2020, the Vols highest rated player was 4-star safety Keshawn Lawrence, who finished 80th overall in the country.

But for the 2021 rankings, Tennessee already has two 5 star players committed. Outside linebacker Terrence Lewis ranks 9th overall and weakside defensive end Dylan Brooks is 21st overall.

I might need to double check my math. But, last time I ran my calculations, a 5-star recruit is of a higher caliber than a 4-star recruit. If any statistician wants to rerun the numbers, be my guest.

The Vols have had eight players commit since April 26th. The average rating for those eight players per 247 sports composite is a 92.08. That would have given Tennessee the 5th highest average player rating in the country for the 2020 class.

I understand the Vols already have some 3-star players committed that brings the total average down. However, at the moment, Tennessee is recruiting at the highest level in the country. And to say they are signing the same caliber of players this year compared to last year is just factually inaccurate.

But I shouldn’t be too hard on Mike. In full disclosure, I do respect his strategy of always being so wrong that Finebaum continually invites him back on his show to have someone to pick on. Keep up the great work, Mike!

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