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When Tennessee parted ways with Butch Jones, the fan base felt a sense of relief. They were tired of the catch phrases, robotic style of coaching, and declining production on the field. Tennessee fans immediately turned their attention to John Currie, and the excitement of a new coaching search. There were several names that immediately came to mind like Jon Gruden, Dan Mullen, Scott Frost, Mike Gundy, Jeff Brohm, and others.

Fans were fed-up with coaches like Derek Dooley and Butch Jones– they were craving a coach who could lead with pride and bring the program back to promise. Knoxville was buzzing as the names of the candidates began to appear, and rumors of who the Vols would hire quickly crept into every social media outlet throughout Tennessee.

Grumors led the search, but the majority of the fans had Dan Mullen as a realistic possibility to take over as Tennessee’s next head coach. When the fans found out that this could be a realistic possibility they were not thrilled, but very accepting. They would be satisfied if Dan Mullen were named the next head coach, but the news eventually broke that Mullen would take the head coaching position at the University of Florida.

Vols fans didn’t panic because there were plenty of talented coaches that Tennessee could easily make a run at to fill their void. The name that started circulating around Knoxville was, Greg Schiano, and at first the majority of people thought it was just another name being tossed around by the media.

But, then– this happened…


When the news broke that Tennessee was finalizing a deal with Greg Schiano, the fans lost it. The word quickly spread and fans were outraged with the thought of Schiano becoming the Volunteers next coach. The anger made it’s way throughout campus, all over social media, and eventually to the ears of John Currie. When Currie found out Tennessee fans were in front of Neyland protesting he quickly panicked, leading to the termination of the contract that Schiano was presented.



The fans were not going to allow John Currie to hire a coach that no body wanted, especially when there were numerous coaches with better credentials that were still available. Vols fans and administration eventually became so frustrated with the coaching search that it led to the release of John Currie as Athletic Director.

Phillip Fulmer was given the opportunity to finish what Currie couldn’t, and hired Alabama’s defensive coordinator, Jeremy Pruitt. The fans were pleased with the hire and loved Pruitt’s style of operating a football team.

Before Pruitt was hired, the outside media began their fake outrage over the situation on the Hill, which led to the tweets presented below.




It was a complete onslaught by the national media and they did whatever they could to make Tennessee and their fans look like complete idiots.

I’ve said it many times, but if you are not a Tennessee fan or do not understand the last 10-years of our frustration, then shut the hell up. It took a fan base to expose the weakness of our leadership in the athletic department.

It took a fan base to make an athletic director realize that no one wanted Greg Schiano as the next coach at The University of Tennessee.

It also took a fan base to point a program back in the right direction after years of misery and pure torture, yet you call us crazy for wanting to better OUR program? You’ve stated your opinions about the University and our fan base on several occasions, but now… it’s my turn.

Tom VanHaaren, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! You asked the question, “How does a coach recruit after this mess?

Well, this was before Jeremy Pruitt took the podium as Tennessee’s head coach. I think he’ll recruit just fine, buddy.

Pat Forde, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! You said, Tennessee fans got what they wanted”. You’re damn right we did.

Dan Wolken, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! You said, “Schiano can probably get a college job whenever he wants”? With all the vacancies out there, non of them have been filled by a coach named, Greg Schiano. You are wrong, once again. Shut the hell up.

Gary Parrish, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! Tennessee fans were covering their anger up by acknowledging past events of Schaino at Penn State? You are an angry elf if you think his connection to Penn State will not come up every time he interviews with another university.

Shaking. my. head.

Joe Klatt, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! You mentioned our decision was, “led by emotional hypocrites with severe lack of football knowledge that incited an internet mob”. If you think Greg Schiano or John Curry are good choices, then you have proven to the world that you are the one with, “severe lack of knowledge”. Shut the hell up.

Tony Kornheiser, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! You said, “we need to put paper bags on our heads because we’ve been bozos in the way we selected”? How does turning the reigns over to Phillip Fulmer and letting a true Vols legend make a great hire make us bozos? That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. You should quit your job and check yourself into a retirement home.

John Hayes, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! Tennessee latched on to the most egregious thing associated with Greg Schiano’s name without doing any research whatsoever? The social media mob knew putting “Child Rape” next to Schiano’s name would keep him out of Knoxville? All I have to say John, is this. You lost me at “child rape” IT’S ASSOCIATED WITH HIM! What more do you need? Please, Shut the hell up.

Tim Brando, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! You spend more time blocking people on Twitter than doing your actual job. You’re more emotional than a teenage girl.

Every person that is a part of the outside media who thinks we have an idiotic fan base because of our actions are clueless. How dare a fan base run off an athletic director who was going to hire a coach NO ONE else wanted?

How dare a fan base help bring in a legend to help lead a once promising program back in the right direction?

How dare us!

There’s absolutely NO football without a fan base, but we are crazy for expressing our anger after years of embarrassment.

The majority of outside media members kept telling the country that Tennessee fans will not be happy with whoever we decide to hire, but the video below somehow tells a different story.



With an entire crowd cheering, “PRUITT! PRUITT! PRUITT!” The outside media seems to be wrong– once again. Tennessee is thrilled to have Jeremy Pruitt, and every fan wishes him the best of luck at the University of Tennessee. I fully believe he will lead Tennessee in the right direction and couldn’t be more excited to have him run OUR Tennessee Volunteers through the, “T” to start the 2018 season.

With all of that said, there’s one picture to sum up what every Tennessee fan thinks about the outside media.

Have a good day .



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