UT Baseball Coach Says Josh Dobbs Has Worked Out With The Team

Josh Dobbs is great at a lot of things.

He is Tennessee’s starting quarterback and was one of the top QB’s in the SEC in 2015.

He is an aerospace engineering major. In other words, he’s literally a rocket scientist.

He is also a talented baseball player.

It’s not a well known fact, but Dobbs played baseball before finally deciding to play football at Tennessee. He was named a first team all-region player during his senior year of high school in Alpharetta, GA and was offered scholarships to play baseball in college.

Interestingly, Tennessee baseball coach Dave Serrano said at his press conference on Friday that Dobbs has worked out with the baseball team twice recently. He wouldn’t elaborate further on what Dobbs did during those practices but he did say that he is not on the team roster.

NCAA football players are allowed to participate in football and baseball because the season’s do not overlap. Former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston gained notoriety for playing both sports. He was a star pitcher for the Seminoles on top of being a championship-caliber QB. Clearly, it can be done, and perhaps Josh Dobbs simply has an inkling to get back on the baseball diamond.

We’ll keep you updated if further news emerges on Dobbs’ involvement with the baseball team.