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FOX Investigative Reporter Jon Reed Gave Vol Nation The Best Coaching Search Day Of All Time

The world used to think Jon Reed was just that guy without a shirt who yelled about Florida going to hell. No longer.

Reed, our very own lead investigative reporter, took a friend down to the TAC Air terminal at McGhee Tyson Airport to follow up on rumors that Tennessee administrators, boosters or possibly even the white whale Jon Gruden himself were on a flight coming back from Tampa.

Needless to say, Jon’s Periscope experience could. not. be. topped.

Once Jon went live, fans literally started showing up in the parking lot to get in on the action. He called in to The Drive and kept Chance from convincing him from going into the lobby, he gave updates on potential car owners and had the so-called Pilot Plane in his camera view for the entire end of his stream.

Ultimately, no white wales or notable folks were spotted, but it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

Notable Quotes

  • When asked about John Brice/Grant Ramey’s report vs. Jimmy Hyams tweet: “Jimmy Hyams is a moron! Of course I side with John Brice and Ramey.”
  • At one point, some dude starts yelling at him, to which Jon responds “YOU’RE GONNA BLOW MY COVER, KEEP GOING! I’M UNDERCOVEEER!” (17:50. You’re welcome.)
  • As the “Pilot Plane” sat near Jon, some of the stream’s comment section were begging Jon to go to the fence. Jon did not go to the fence. #NotMyFence
  • Finally, when people came out of the hangar to leave on the plane, Jon realized he’d been distracted from the real tricks. “WE’VE BEEN DUPED! WHERE’S THE OTHER PLANE! ABORT! THEY PULLED THE SWITCH!”

For all of your quality coaching search days, make sure you keep up with us and Jon.



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