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Joe Kelly Is A Hero Even If The MLB Does Not Think So


Major League Baseball is the most boring of the four major professional leagues to watch on TV. Fortunately for them, no other major sports league is playing yet. The only entertaining thing to happen in the MLB so far was watching Los Angeles Dodgers’ Pitcher Joe Kelly mock the Astros after throwing at Alex Bregman and taunting Carlos Correa to the point the dugouts cleared last night.

But earlier today, the MLB suspended Joe Kelly eight games for his actions last night. EIGHT GAMES!!! That’s EIGHT more games than any Astro’s player received for cheating their way to winning the World Series. Let it be known; I don’t hate the Astros. Every league needs a villain. And I commend Houston for taking my life motto to heart. Like Bill Belichick taught me, if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t committed to winning.

But once you get caught cheating, you have to face the music. Everyone already knew Rob Manfred was the worst commissioner alive, but he continues to prove it week after week.

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