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Jeremy Pruitt Is Making A Case For Sexiest Man Alive


Jeremy Pruitt


Jeremy Pruitt has my vote for the sexiest man alive, and you can’t change my mind.


If Pruitt doesn’t make the final cut of PEOPLE magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” the publication would be a complete joke. If he doesn’t make the final cut, the company should suspend operations indefinitely.


John Legend won the title in 2019. He mentioned, “Everyone’s going to be picking me apart to see if I’m sexy enough to hold this title!”


Do you know who doesn’t care what other people think?


Jeremy Pruitt.


Pruitt rolls into Alabama and pulls their best prospect. 5-star, Dylan Brooks.


Tennessee football


Pruitt goes into Florida and steals one of their highest-rated recruits. 5-star, Terrence (not Terrance) Lewis.




He might – probably will, drive into Lilburn, GA, and pull the 9th highest-rated running back in the nation.


In 2018, Idris Elba won the honors of “Sexiest Man Alive.” Elba told People, “Looked in the mirror; I checked myself out. I was like, “Yeah, you are kind of sexy today” – an ego boost for sure.”


You know who doesn’t need an ego boost, and who is sexy every single day, especially when he gets commitments from 5-star recruits?


Jeremy Pruitt.


Blake Shelton won in 2017. Give me a freaking break.


In 2012, said, “Channing Tatum made ladies swoon in Magic Mike.”


Cool, I guess.


But, what about the men?


Do you know how to tell when someone is sexy? When they can get people from every gender and sexual orientation aroused.


Jeremy Pruitt can do that.


In 2008, Hugh Jackman won because of his accent.


Have you heard Jeremy Pruitt say, “high skoo?”


The Vols aren’t done yet. The 2021 football class could be the best class in program history.


It’s happening.

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