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Jeremy Pruitt Confirmed That Kirby Smart Is A BIG FAT CHEATER


Kirby Smart

Jeremy Pruitt confirmed Thursday night what we all already knew: Kirby Smart is a BIG FAT CHEATER.

Pruitt was asked if he’d spoken with any coaches about or shared information regarding “contact tracing” numbers. He was also asked about the competitiveness of other coaches.

You have to read between the lines to get the answer. Pruitt said, “Every time I’ve played golf with Kirby Smart, he’s the only guy who always finds his ball in the woods. Always.”

Put simply, Pruitt isn’t sharing information with any coaches. And, if he did, it wouldn’t matter because Kirby is a liar and a cheater.

We all know how golf works. When you go out and play a round by yourself, you shoot in the 70s. You play an easier course with your buddies a day later, and you shoot in the 90s.

Then you have the golfers that seem to always lose count of their strokes.

And, then you have cheaters like Kirby.

No one, and I mean absolutely no one, finds every single slice in the woods.

If you can cheat your buddies in golf, you can cheat them in recruiting. It’s time for the NCAA to take notice of Kirby and all his cheating.

Kirby is the type of guy to get extra change at a restaurant and not say anything. I know he takes office stationery for personal use.

Kirby is the dude that goes into a coffee shop to steal an on-the-go order. He’s the type of guy that tells fast food workers they messed up his order just to get an extra burger.

If Kirby can cheat at golf, he will cheat at anything. I’m just glad that Pruitt has enough balls to call him out.

Some people are still on the fence about Pruitt, but if he can somehow beat Georgia with a cheater at the helm, he can be my coach.

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