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Jay Cutler Is Officially On The Market Again, Ladies

“Smokin'” Jay Cutler is single and ready to throw interceptions.

Wait, that’s not right. Whatever, you get the picture.

Cutler announced back in May that he would be divorcing the smoke-show Kristin Cavallari for “irreconcilable differences.” First off, kudos to Cutler for hopping out in front of this to protect the image. Can you imagine getting to say, “Yeah I dumped Kristin Cavallari?” However, Cavallari did cite Cutler was guilty of “seven years of inappropriate marital misconduct.”


Did he cheat? Was he verbally or physically abusive? The world may never know.

What it does tell us is that 37-year-old Cutler spent the first seven years of his 30s potentially sowing wild oats on the road. Not to mention fathering three children with Cavallari. Which she is seeking full custody of, leaving Cutler with only visitation rights. I can hardly imagine that he will be OK with this.

My biggest question is: who in the HELL was worth throwing away a marriage with Cavallari?!!?!?

My own personal love affair with Cavallari began many years ago when I was but a wee lad.

It was 16 years ago. It was summer. I remember it well. I was watching TV with my mom it was Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

There she was. Making her debut to the world. From the moment on, the rest was history.

OK, maybe that was pretty dramatic. However, Cavallari has been “America’s Sweetheart” for some time. The most drama we ever had from her was on the screen.

No drugs or rehab or any other Lindsay Lohan/Brittany Spears bullshit. With that said, the men of America can rejoice as she is now on the market again.

For the ladies, hey the man has NFL QB money, and he’s not that hard on the eyes.

Maybe one of the loyal Fanrun listeners can bag Ol’ Smokin Jay.

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