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Jauan Jennings Goes Off…On Instagram

Updated 7:15 PM: 

Jauan Jennings has been dismissed from the Tennessee program, according to Brady Hoke’s interview with 104-5 The Zone in Nashville.





Previous: Oh boy. Tonight, Jauan Jennings broadcast an Instagram live video and gave fans a glimpse into how he was feeling heading into a big game against Vanderbilt. It wasn’t pretty. Jennings was filming himself driving home for Thanksgiving weekend, an odd decision given that there is a game this Saturday. However, his profane tirade against the coaching staff explained it all.


It is clear that Jennings is upset that he won’t be playing this Saturday. Brady Hoke had previously made comments that suggested that it was at least a possibility that Jennings could return. I suppose this video rules that out. It is also clear that Jennings had been frustrated with the coaching staff for some time now. His comments about coaches lying and being “snakes” are interesting coming from a current player. He also mentions wanting a coach next year who does things for the players and is honest, which seems like a shot at Butch Jones and his other coaches.

Since Jones was fired, many former players have come out in strong opposition to the way he handled himself and the program. This is just another in a long string of stories, and something tells me this won’t be the last one.



“Man this sh*t crazy y’all, this sh*t crazy bruh. One game. And I can’t even go to a bowl game. This sh*t crazy bruh. I ain’t even gonna say no names, but these [coaches] is the weakest coaching staff holding us back, please Tennessee send us a great ass coaching staff. Thank you. And I’m saving this video it will not be deleted”

“Hold on hold on hold on I ain’t done cause my other video got cut short. And as you can see, I’m leaving this motherf*cker, going back home. Came from practice, was finna practice in this b*tch, to play Vanderbilt on Saturday because I really F*CKING hate Vanderbilt, like with a F*CKING PASSION, I can’t STAND those B*TCHES, each and every one of em, like f*ck them b*tches. Real deal tryna come back, but you got some lyin’ ass coaches bruh. Some lyin’ ass, fake ass, snake ass coaches bruh. That’s what the f*ck wrong with Tennessee. It ain’t nothin to do with no players, nothin to do with no motherf*ckin injuries, it’s straight f*cking coaching. Some lyin’ ass b*tches. Bring us a coaching staff that is honest and will do everything in they power for the f*cking kids and the f*cking players. F*ck the paycheck, like damn this is for us. But yeah, f*ck the coaching staff right now, I don’t give a f*ck.  


*Transcript has been slightly edited for clarity

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