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Jarrett Guarantano For Heisman


Jarrett GuarantanoTo address the elephant in the room, you’re probably wondering why the Jarrett Guarantano 4 Heisman article has a picture of Matt Simms as the featured image. Well, because I thought it would be funny, and at the end of the day, it’s not really going to matter when it comes to this topic.

Of all the people at FANRUN that would be asked to write this article, I thought I would be dead last on the list. Kind of like JG is basically in last place in odds to win the Heisman. But hey, 2020.

For some reason, my editor thought I would take this assignment seriously lol. But I will attempt to give you some information you might find useful along the way.

So after scouring through the Heisman odds, I could only find one site that would give Jarrett Guarantano odds to win the coveted Heisman trophy. And just so we are clear, I am talking about the award that goes to college football’s best player each year. Now you’re probably thinking, “Davey, if we are talking about the best players in college football, why are we discussing JG?”

And that is a very valid question.

But anywho back in April, Circa Sports released a long list of college football players and their likelihood of winning the Heisman. JG was listed at +30000. Full disclaimer: I have no idea if those are odds are even still available. I was going to do the research but decided to watch YouTube videos instead.

Here is your opportunity to get rich quick, kids! You can go to Circa Sports and put that money on JG, or maybe you can’t anymore. Like I just said I don’t know. Or you can take the money you were going to spend on his Heisman chances and instead Venmo me @Davey_Hudson.

I will respond with a quote on how to invest wisely. At least with giving me your money, there’s a chance you see some return on your investment.

One reason you might have a tiny sliver of hope for JG winning the Heisman is because Jim Chaney has seen his QBs make some jumps from YR1 to YR2. (As shown in the graph below courtesy of Billy Williford) I could explain but that would take some effort, and I’ll trust in your intellectual ability to figure it out on your own.

If JG plays at least somewhat decent against South Carolina on Saturday, I’ll break down how there’s a chance he might be the next Joe Burrow! I’ve got some stats that will make you freeze longer than JG staring down his first read.

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