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James Harden Proves That Black Is Truly A Slimming Color

James Harden

In the trade of the season (so far), the Brooklyn Nets recently acquired former fat suit owner, James Harden. It was a blockbuster 4 team trade that involved the Cavs, Pacers, and primarily the Rockets.

Harden, the former Rocket, used one of the oldest tricks in the books to get out of Houston.

He got fat.

We’ve seen this before, in sitcoms, the easiest way out of a relationship is too, “be gross,” and James Harden took that took to heart. Along with taking that to heart came a ton of cholesterol and valve and Aorta issues.

Or at least we thought, right?


The two photos used in this article were taken about a week apart. That being said, I have many questions.

Is black really that slimming of a color?

Was liposuction an agreed-upon part of the trade deal?

But the biggest question we have to as is, will this weight loss translate to results? And was it worth it?

Giving up key pieces such as Caris LeVert and Jarret Allen is a big loss, but Harden is still filling the stat sheet.

We have to wait and see, but the one thing we do know is that a team with Kyrie, KD, and Harden will be fun to watch on and off the court.

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