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It’s Time To Fire Duggs And His Gambling Problem



It’s time for Gus Duggerton to leave Rocky Top. Most fans can take losing games. At Tennessee, that’s been the norm lately. However, fans can’t stand to have a head coach that doesn’t take his job seriously.


Or maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. Maybe Duggs has a gambling problem.

Just take a look back at the latter part of the regular season. The Vols played every team close – even the teams they were double-digit favorites over.

Did Duggs have money on the underdogs?

During the SEC Championship Game, Duggerton was caught talking to Ole Miss players in a huddle just seconds before the final play of the game. You have to wonder what Duggs was even doing.

Why would any coach huddle with the opposing team before the final play of the game? Was Duggs recruiting those players because the Vols are losing offensive studs? Duggs could have been giving away the Vols defensive play. The Ole Miss wide receiver was wide open.

If that isn’t enough to fire Gus, what about him leaving the stadium an hour before the game to watch a horse race? Duggs was spotted at Race 77 of the Cat Cave Derby at 7:47 pm.

What the hell was he doing?

What coach leaves preparing for the National Championship Game to go gamble at a horse race? Can’t that wait?

Some fans have deemed Duggerton as one of the best offensive coaches in the game. However, I would argue differently.

Duggs has his plays. He runs the RB wheel route more than he blinks his eyes. However, in the National Championship Game, he ran it way too much.

After the sixth time, Virginia Tech caught on and forced six interceptions. The running game was there, yet Air Duggs wanted to throw, throw, and throw some more.

Nothing about this season #feltlike98. From day one, I said it felt more like 2016. I’m done with Gus Duggerton.

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