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It Looks Like Chris D’Elia’s ‘You’ Character May Not Have Been Too Far Off

To those of you following along at home, it appears Chris D’Elia’s ‘You’ character may not have been too far off

The Twitter account @SheRatesDogs has apparently received an endless amount of submissions claiming foul play by the stand up comedian:

According to the submissions that have been released, several of the alleged victims were underage at the time of their assault. It’s safe to say based on the guy’s comedy it was easy to tell he is a total asshole.

To make matters worse for D’Elia, a lot of the tweets sharing the submissions have DMs and chats included.

If this all ends being proven true, then this would only add to the list of celebrities exposed for this heinous misconduct. According to @SheRatesDogs, since she released the first submission, she has been blown up by guys threatening her and shaming her for trying to expose this.

The account also prides itself on anonymity. Not only for its submitters, but for the account admin as well.

From my research, it does not appear D’Elia has released a statement on the accusations. According to the account, within an hour of posting the first submission she received 35 more.

First thing’s first, these girls deserve endless praise for what they are doing

Not only are they empowering themselves by coming forward but they are also empowering others to do the same. Secondly, these guys threatening the @SheRatesDogs can absolutely go to hell.

No more needs to be said on this matter.

D’Elia is innocent until proven guilty

However, with this many claimed submissions it is not looking good for D’Elia. It is going to be interesting to see how long a news outlet takes to pick this up.

I am even more interested to see how and when D’Elia responds to the accusations. In this day and age, the longer it takes, the worse it looks.

All we can do for now is wait and see where this goes next.

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