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In Beta Move, LSU Coach Paul Mainieri Whines About Tennessee Fans

Consensus top-ten team in college baseball, Tennessee, swept LSU this past weekend, including back-to-back walk-offs on Sunday.

It was a series to remember for multiple reasons, including:

  • Tennessee’s first win over LSU since 2014
  • Tennessee’s first series win over LSU since 2008
  • Tennessee’s first back-to-back SEC series wins (Georgia) since 2001
  • Giving Vols skipper Tony Vitello a 35-6 record since the start of the ‘rona-shortened 2020 season

It was a pretty damn good and very damn fun weekend. What also made last weekend great was the fan atmosphere at Lindsey Nelson Stadium. Despite still limited capacity as we near the COVID finish line, the LNS crowd was rowdy, and friends of Fanrun, the Legends of Lindsey Nelson, showed out again.

It is very refreshing to see the fanbase’s energy be matched by a squad with such confidence and swagger as the BaseVols. And, boy, are they having fun doing it while sitting at 22-4 on the season.

As I tweeted the other day, Tennessee seems to be getting a taste of the SEC baseball experience that other schools in the league have had for quite some time:

However, one person seemed to really, really not be a fan of this atmosphere in Knoxville. That person happens to be LSU head coach, Paul Mainieri. In fact, Mainieri was so butthurt over the environment his team walked into last weekend that four days after Sunday’s games, he cried on the radio about it and seemed to use it as an excuse for getting his ass handed to him.

Take a listen:

Yes, you heard all that correctly. You just heard a coach with a .661 career win percentage, 19 career conference titles and a national championship under his belt use a lame excuse for getting swept. Not only did he go after fans, but he also talked about the Vols’ dugout not handling things with “class.”

Absolute beta man shit.

You’re a legendary coach; why is a limited-capacity crowd at objectively one of the worst stadiums (no offense) in the SEC intimidating you in the first place? How are they supposed to handle road trips to venues like Ole Miss and Texas A&M? Hell, don’t look now, but they have to host No. 1 Vanderbilt this weekend while sitting at 1-5 in the SEC. Sounds to me like Mainieri is feeling some early-season pressure and is rattled a bit.

Coach, maybe don’t cry foul over what was most likely some run-of-the-mill taunting in the most competitive conference in college baseball. Especially when LSU fans have the reputation that they do. Oh, and there’s that whole “thousands of drunk Cajuns loudly tell the opposing team to ‘Suck that Tiger dick, bitch’ to the tune of ‘Neck'” thing.

To be clear, I love LSU fans and think that Vol fans can identify with them from a rowdiness standpoint. Let’s not act like any fanbase is beyond reproach. Coach Mainieri here is just mad that his team is sucking out of the gate in SEC play, and he got dominated by a much younger and epically more handsome man in Tony V.

Remember that there’s no crying in baseball, Paul.

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