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I Love Burgers, You Love Burgers, We All Love Burgers

Gus Duggerton


Gus Duggerton


The Tennessee Volunteers have made one of the biggest decisions of the year. Now obviously, it is not news that Gus Duggerton is the new head coach of the Vols, but it is news to have a team that drops 50 burgers.

A 50 burger is one of the hardest things to do in real life, none the less a video game. You have to score 50 points on a virtual Heisman level team.

That shit is hard.

In solidarity with Duggs, I will be eating a stack of burgers every time he drops a 50 burger.

Starting with three, I will continue to add burgers. I will not stop until I die, or Duggs leaves UT.

Please keep in mind I am only 130 pounds, and this is going to help me bulk for winter.

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