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#HonkForBlackburn: Jon Reed’s Shirtless Journey to Neyland

For one man in East Tennessee on Sunday, Peyton Manning’s little brother became his most hated man in the universe. A New York Giants playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers meant this man lost a bet. It wasn’t monetary, but it meant pride. Above all, this man accepted his fate, left the outcome to the people, and took on a challenge most of us would decline. That man is one Jon Reed.

Jon and Nate Hodges made a bet last week on the outcome of the Giants-Packers game. Jon placed his hand upon the Giants; Nate wisely took the favored Packers. Accordingly, Aaron Rodgers came out victorious, so Jon was left twisting in the wind at fans’ hands.

Our listeners and readers elected the funniest possible punishment for Jon: wearing a Honk For Blackburn sign strapped to his shirtless body as he traversed across Cumberland Avenue.

Consequently, Jon took to the streets of the people to let them know the time is now. See the results of The Bet below.

Then, Jon decided it was time to cut a promo in front of the greatest Tennessean of them all: General Neyland.

Lastly, thanks to our readers and listeners for participating. You made this happen, and we are forever grateful. Also, thanks to Jon Reed for being a good sport. We’ll have more to come on Blackburn and Jon’s freezing torso.

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