Here Kitty Kitty: A Roundup Of Mad Mizzou Fans On Twitter

While Missouri threatened to make it interesting, the Vols ended up running away from the Tigers, 35-12, on Saturday. And, as the great @suckmyvols said so eloquently:


So, the hellscape of Twitter wasn’t as good of a salt mine as it was last week, but I still hammered away with my pick axe for you guys, so you’re welcome.

Which school would you trade Missouri for? Virginia Tech? Oklahoma? FSU? Louisville? I’m partial to West Virginia, myself.

Per usual, the official football account replies are the go-to

*It will be 5-5 after next year and so on and so on.

These guys didn’t tweet a whole lot

Perfect description

Stages of grief in real time

Little Rascals was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

Lmao get owned

When your dude on the sideline gets alpha’d by a true freshman


And here is the best of the rest

And to wrap it up, not a Mizzou fan, but you should know better, Pres