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Happy Voloween: The Best of College Football Costumes in 2017

As we turn the corner of October, Halloween has brought us more beautiful college football costumes. With it comes us, and we’re here to make sure you know who put together the best of the best. To start off, let’s take a look at everyone’s most-wanted coach, Lyle Allen Jones.



Obviously, out of all of these pictures, our favorite Lindsay Smith is the winner of the Lyle Allen Jones costume competition.

While good ole Lyle here is looking to sell his chair and trash can for a bag of pretzels and a plane ticket out of Knoxville, let’s take a look at another SEC head coach.

Kirby Smart has been out here showing off his resumé on this Halloween. This picture might send a few shivers down your spine Vol fans, so beware!

A chilling sight in Athens, Georgia indeed. When this picture started to form around Twitter, you could feel the chills coming off of Kirby’s vibe in this one, being the daddy of the SEC East.

Formerly of the SEC West is Hugh Freeze, who tried being the daddy of both the SEC West and maybe some bad treats for recruits.

He could’ve used these fans’ costume advice.

Oh, hey, it’s that guy that always lost to Hugh Freeze. Let’s check in on Nick Saban after being revealed at No. 2 in the College Football Playoff Ranki—

Going out of the SEC, let’s look at the creepy South Bend Steve Jobs mob, who you don’t want to be sitting anywhere near during good or bad parts of the game. A+ for costume and dedication, C you later for creepiness.

Staying up north, we find a young Jim Harbaugh, mad at getting candy corn from his neighbor instead of the good stuff.

Also: WHO’S YOUR DADDY? *Plants Pixy Stix at midfield*

We may have a winner with our next one. It’s our least-loved, most-recognizable commercial guy. GET YOUR ICED COLD DR.PEPPER HERE!”


Definitely championship-caliber costuming this year. We’ll update throughout College GameDay and the games this upcoming weekend.

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