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Jarrett Guarantano Fails To Medal In Diving

Kyle Zedaker/Tennessee Athletics

Over the weekend, a couple of the Vol football players took part in the (not so) Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics Tennessee. One particular plunge took all of Vol twitter for a loop.

Jarrett Guarantano, Tennessee’s (assumed) starting quarterback, had a performance in diving that could throw some Olympians, and possibly physicists, for a loop. Here’s the miraculous plunge he took this past Friday.

What a dive, right? If there’s two things that are certain at Tennessee it’s that we love orange and Jarrett Guarantano CAN’T DIVE.

The only medal Guarantano is getting out of this one is the “At least you tried” cake from Bart Simpson.

This dive really sums up Tennessee football for those of you who were able to bear through it like I did. He started with a good run at the beginning, and then as soon as he got in the sky, it was just a mess in every way. On the bright side, everyone around campus got a good laugh. I’m sure his teammates have made sure to hassle him on his diving skills.

If there’s one positive out of this face plant, at least it entertained the crowd right? If this were a style performance, Jarrett buddy, you’re getting a 0/10.

However, on the humor meter, you’re getting a solid 7/10 solely because of the face plant into the water at the end. I don’t expect to see you in the Olympics until football gets added, unfortunately.

And he’s a good sport about it. (Notice the slow-motion cannonball, too. Also deserving of a low score.)

Keep working on the water sports, Jarrett.

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