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Grown men are dabbing on television again

Look, I get it. Having a few minutes of television fame at a sporting event can get your adrenaline pumping. Maybe you brought a sign, an interesting outfit or anything to just stand out from the crowd. This is not an example of that. Anything involving a dab is exactly the opposite of making good use of your short time in the limelight.

Below are two grown adults hitting way too many dabs and getting way too much television time.

Excessive dabbing has its moments. At most, it has some satirical humor by mocking those who actually dab for serious effect. Someone who would willingly dab multiple times on national television and show his face while doing it is the dad who says “lit” all the time and calls every young person he meets a “dude” or a “bro.”

You’re not a bro, bro.


I don’t know why there’s more. I might’ve stifled a laugh. But still, stop this.

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