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Greg McElroy: Auburn Would’ve Beaten UCF In Playoff (Despite Losing to UCF)

Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy is feeling insecure about Alabama’s split national championship with Central Florida.

And it’s very sad!

Central Florida is so far in Alabama’s head that McElroy went on ESPNU Radio on SiriusXM and got into hypotheticals.  According to McElroy, Auburn would’ve been able to beat Central Florida if only the stakes were higher.

“If a national championship was on the line, Auburn would’ve played a whole heck of a lot better,” McElroy said. “Just go watch the effort. Talk to the coaches. They may not want to tell you that.

“Getting those guys ready to play just after they got their heart ripped out (in the SEC title game) is really difficult.”

I understand the logic. Auburn didn’t care because they’re hearts were broken by Georgia. Central Florida didn’t actually think they’d make the playoff and were excited to get an opportunity to play Auburn and prove that they belonged. The game meant everything to Central Florida and nothing to Auburn.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Central Florida could also easily talk about hypotheticals. They could say that they beat Auburn who beat Alabama and Georgia. In this crazy hypothetical world, Central Florida is 3-0 in the SEC. Hell, I’m sure they could figure out a way to extrapolate it all the way into an undefeated SEC run.

Instead, UCF is just trying to point to the facts that they didn’t lose a single game in 2017. They did not finish third in their own conference.

I’ve yet to see any UCFer claim that they could beat Alabama, yet many Alabama players and alumni keep wanting you to know that they would win if the two teams matched up. They take to twitter and post all of their championship rings. Minkah Fitzpatrick gives quotes trying to convince everyone that they “would’ve whipped them boys.”

Greg McElroy is so rattled that he’s on the radio trying to defend rival Auburn’s honor.

It’s very sad that with all of their on-the-field success over the past decade, they seem obsessed with the one game they didn’t win.

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