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Gigantic alligator provides new reason to never go to Florida

In Knoxville and in Tennessee, we hate the state of Florida for very good reasons. They employed Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer, and now a dude who’s never seen a toothbrush. Their roads are so annoyingly nice. Also, the people from there are bizarre. I’ve been legitimately scared every time I’ve gone into a 7/11 and some dude starts talking to me about shoes.

Good God, this takes the cake. Look at this freaking thing. This is not an alligator. There’s no way.

My family goes close to there every year. The next time my dad asks me if I’d like to go to the nature reserves, I’m showing him this video. In other words, this is a great reason to be frightened of the country’s future.

Above all, never go to Florida.

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