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Georgia Fans Had A Brief History Loving Jamie Newman

Jamie NewmanWhen Jamie Newman transferred to Georgia, the Heisman hype was almost immediate. He was going to be the “Chosen One” that got Georgia back to not only the top of the SEC East but the SEC and all of college football. Highly touted grad transfer quarterbacks have been doing that kind of thing the last few years. Newman was following in the footsteps of Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields (ha), Baker Mayfield, etc. Just ask David Pollack.

But good times never last. Especially in college football. Especially if you’re a Georgia fan. And especially in 2020.

And just like that, the hype train came to a screeching halt.

As you can imagine, some Georgia fans didn’t take this news too well.

Others? Others laughed about it. And from a fan that has been built up and brutally torn down so many times before, laughing really is the best way to handle these things.

Oh yeah, and remember David Pollack? The guy from College Gameday that’s DEFINITELY never been biased towards his alma mater?

Now he isn’t sure Georgia will win the national championship this year…you read that right. Now he’s back to the teams that have won four of the last five. Very bold of you, David!

The best part? Newman’s book ended his time at Georgia with the exact same hashtag.

And buddy, the responses to those two tweets are, uh, let’s just say different. Night and day, so to speak.

Good luck to Newman, though. And for what it’s worth, I’m sure most people outside Athens respect his decision. I can see how he wouldn’t want to be surrounded by adults barking like dogs for another few months.

On a personal note, while I was researching for this post, I learned about the term DGD. I’m assuming it means “Damn Good Dog” and that it’s an unironic version of VFL? Anyway, Georgia fans all over Twitter have been trying to figure out whether Newman is a DGD or not. It’s high comedy.

All this is to say, Tennessee fans can relate to bad football luck. Obviously. If this same situation had happened at Tennessee, we would all be pissed, too. But we don’t have that problem up this way. No sir! We know exactly who our quarterback is to lead us back to the promised land…right? RIGHT?!?!?!

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