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Geoff Schwartz Stays Hating On The Tennessee Titans

Geoff Schwartz

Geoff Schwartz

The Tennessee Titans are coming off one of their best finishes in years, and have had a fairly successful offseason so far. Despite the positive trends, NFL contributor Geoff Schwartz has done nothing but scold he Titans and their fans in recent weeks.

There’s an old saying out there: “The more successful you become, the more haters you’ll have.” Now don’t take this the wrong way, I am not saying the Titans are a successful franchise. They have been known for being an average franchise, finishing near 8-8 every single year. But it’s hard to deny the fact that the Titans and Jon Robinson are building a franchise to have sustained success in the future.

They’ve drafted really well over the last few seasons (Derrick Henry, Kevin Byard, Adoree Jackson, Jonnu Smith, Jayon Brown, Rashaan Evans, Harold Landry, Jeffery Simmons, A.J. Brown, and Nate Davis), added pieces here and there to help in positions of need, and signed franchise players to franchise record-breaking deals, including Ryan Tannehill and Henry this offseason.

Now, this is nothing new for the Titans. Because of them being a somewhat average franchise, they aren’t talked about much in the media. It also doesn’t help that the Titans are considered a “small market” team. So, you won’t find them being talked about as much at places like ESPN and Bleacher Report. But with the Titans finish to last season where they went 9-4 with Tannehill starting and picked up wins in the Playoffs against New England and Baltimore, they have started to hear their names mentioned more often.

Many think it wasn’t just a fluke, and that they’ll continue the success they ended with last season. But guys like Schwartz think otherwise. I’ll attach a few of his dumbest tweets about the Titans so far:

As you can see, there are a number of tweets above where all Schwartz does is hate on the Titans. I could’ve attached 10+ more tweets, but I thought I would save you time.

Throughout the Titans’ run last season, all he did was downplay their success. During the stretch at the end of the season, he stated that the Titans’ offense was one-dimensional, while Tannehill ended up leading the league with a 117.5 quarterback rating and 9.6 yards per attempt.

He stated that the Titans’ defense wasn’t that good, despite them holding the Patriots to just 13 points in the Wild Card, and allowing just 12 points to the Ravens and NFL MVP Lamar Jackson. Granted they struggled against the Chiefs in the conference championship game, but then again, what team didn’t struggle defensively against the Chiefs?

Lately, he’s also downplayed the success of Henry throughout last season and the Playoffs, which also led to his four-year extension that Henry signed on Wednesday. In an eight-week stretch, Henry rushed for 188, 159, 149, 103, 86, 211, 182, and 195 yards, consecutively, but Schwartz believed that the Titans should let him walk?

I get that the running back position is undervalued in today’s league and that it might be questionable to sign one to a long-term deal. But to say that a franchise should let a player, the NFL’s leading rusher in 2019 for that matter, walk after producing 1,273 rushing yards in just eight games? It’s easy to see why Titans fans are at his neck.

On Wednesday, Schwartz was quick to downplay the Henry signing, including him tweeting his “smart football” tweet before the details of his contract were announced. The Titans ended up signing Henry to a four-year, $50 million deal, good for $12.5 million/year. Many had believed that Henry’s price range would be near $14.5-15 million/year, but with the Titans going $2 million under that mark, it gives the Titans just a little more money to go elsewhere.

It seems like he’s having a difficult time understanding that the Titans have a different approach offensively under Mike Vrabel and Arthur Smith. With the league being more pass-happy now, the Titans are obviously looking to pound the ball consistently with one of the best running backs in today’s game. It’s not like the Titans are one-dimensional and do every single offensive thing through Henry. Tannehill showed plenty of positive flashes last season, Brown looked like a glaring star at WR in his rookie season, Smith accepted his role at TE1, and the offensive line solidified themselves as a very solid offensive line in today’s game.

Our own Jon Reed made a solid point regarding Schwartz’s point about the top running backs in terms of money being paid. You can easily make the same argument for QBs, considering Ben Roethlisberger, Jared Goff, Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan, and Jacoby Brissett, all missed the Playoffs last season, and are around the Top 10 in contract value at their position.

Wide receivers also are in the same boat, as Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, A.J. Green, and OBJ, who sit No. 1, 2, 4, and 6 respectively in terms of total contract value, all missed the playoffs as well. Basically, his argument holds no value, considering it’s the same thing for two very valuable positions in QB and WR.

Obviously, each person is going to have differing opinions when it comes to sports, but it’s easy to see why Titans fans have made Schwartz a public enemy. It was Adam Rank last year with his 3-13 prediction, and Schwartz this year with his constant hate on the Titans.

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