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Deondre Francois Suspected Of Selling Drugs Out Of His Apartment

Another Florida State quarterback, Deondre Francois, is in the news for something other than football related, which should surprise…..uh, no one. Jameis Winston set a precedent when he stole crab legs from a Publix in 2015. Excuse me, I misspoke, when he got “hooked up” with the crab legs.

If that was not enough to make the program look bad, quarterback Deondre Francois, tried to trump Winston by being suspected of selling marijuana from his apartment.

The Tallahassee police received a tip that Deondre Francois possessed marijuana with the intent to sell, according to a search warrant. After the investigation, which happened to consist of four separate occasions of searching Francois’s possessions, the Tallahassee police concluded that he had 17 grams of marijuana in his apartment. Which is very surprising that they even got to the number 17. I guess they had to make it look like they really scraped together all of the marijuana to weigh.

Now, this is a lot to take in, but my first question is, does this actually surprise anyone? Honestly, does it?

The Tallahassee police and Florida State fans have a history of turning a blind eye when it comes to their football players. Remember the Jamies Winston rape case? Clay Travis asked the perfect question on October 13, 2014, specifically about that situation.

I think that question holds true for many football players in college towns around the country, and it appears Florida State fans will follow suit with the Deondre Francois situation. Now, having 17 grams of marijuana in your possession isn’t that big of a deal. Let’s not kid ourselves, but nonetheless, eyes are being closed in Tallahassee.

Honestly, does anyone care about marijuana anymore? Marijuana seems to be something that as a society have widely accepted, so honestly no one really cares.

But, the article from the Orlando Sentinel provided us with some fantastic questions and comments.

1. Francois told the police that the 17 grams of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia were not his. His excuse was, “can’t smoke right now” and said the last time he used marijuana was in December 2017.

Does he usually smoke during the offseason? If so, wouldn’t that still be against the rules playing for Florida State? Also, did Francois basically tell the NCAA that they need to drug test more often and more randomly? Let’s say the NCAA did take action to the Francois tip, how many other players across the country would get in trouble for smoking marijuana? At least 50 percent, right?

2. Francois told the police that the marijuana and other drug paraphernalia were his girlfriends.

We have some advice for Deondre Francois. Mr. Francois, please listen up. Go ahead and wife that girl immediately, like right now. Let’s be real, the marijuana was probably not hers, but she is taking the blame for her quarterback. – I can see her now, crying to the police, yelling “that’s my quartersack.”

3. Head coach Willie Taggart was quoted saying, “He’s got to be smart about who he’s around and what he’s around, and make good decisions, I advise him to just make sure he’s around his teammates all the time.”

Okay, coach so let’s get this right… think Francois is the only player on the football team to smoke marijuana? That is seriously the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard other than Lebron James trying to sue the University of Alabama.

So kids if you can become a quarterback just blame your wrongdoings on your girlfriend and your’e home free. Thank you, Francois, for giving us something to talk about during the dead of spring. We will see you on the football field come fall because soon the story will change to you didn’t do anything, just give FSU twitter a couple of days.

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