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FOX Sports Knoxville Weekly Mailbag

It’s that time of the week! Here we go with another edition of the FOX Sports Knoxville Weekly Mailbag.

Bill H. writes:

“So I know it’s just a rumor right now, but if Quinten Dormady is in fact injured. What does this mean for the program?”

After watching the Orange and White game, I have been of the mindset that Dormady was going to be the starter over Jarrett Guarantano. If Dormady is in fact injured, I look at it that Tennessee is missing its starting quarterback. I know Butch made the comment the other day that JG had a great practice and is making a push for the starting job, but all my sources are saying it’s going to be Dormady if healthy. I hear that Dormady has a better grasp of the playbook at this point and that is understandable based on the amount of time he has been in the system.

As it relates to his injury, it’s just a rumor to this point but definitely concerning. The team has not released any injury information to the public on the matter.

If the injury is in fact true…

The big thing for me is if it’s just going through drills and he suffers an injury by tweaking a muscle that is one thing, but the rumor going around is that he got hit on the field. Under no circumstances should your starting quarterback be taking any shots in practice.

If Dormady is unable to play, it is no mystery that Guarantano becomes your starter. JG’s skillset fits Butch’s offense better scheme wise. If JG is starting, look to see a lot of the same type of play calls you saw for Dobbs last season. I know it is a new coordinator calling plays, but JG is type of QB Butch ultimately wants running this offensive system. And Butch Jones hired Larry Scott from within the program to keep the same system in place.

We will keep you posted as more information comes available.


Samuel T. writes:

“With ‘equality’ being key for society in 2017, who pays on a date?”

First off, there is no such thing as equality. 99% of people just want what is best for themselves, and people will create a narrative that benefits their viewpoints and personal beliefs. But if we are going off of today’s PC standards, I feel you have to alternate who pays date to date. Someone will take offense to this comment but I don’t give a damn. I hate when women always say chivalry is dead! I’m like yeah because you ladies killed it. I don’t care what anybody says, the guy still needs to pay for the first date. Personally, I always pay when I take a girl on a date. I was raised that if I’m taking a girl out, it’s on me to cover the bill.


Lisa C. writes:

“I know it’s just the preseason, but I was really concerned with the Tennessee Titans performance this past Saturday against the JETS. Any reason to feel worried for Week 1 of the regular season?”

The Titans by no means looked impressive in their first performance of the preseason. It seemed as if the Titans 1st team defense could not recover after the sack by Jurrell Casey that was called a personal foul penalty for a low tackle on the QB. I understand that the NFL will protect the QB at all cost, but this is getting pathetic! I completely agree with rules that protect defenseless players from taking shots to the head. But there still has to be contact, and the contact area to touch (yes, touch not tackle) a QB seems to get smaller and smaller each year.

But I do not see a real reason to be concerned at this point. You are shaking off the rust from the offseason, and it’s very common to see this. I am still very wary of the DB unit. They will be the main sore spot for the Titans this season. I was hoping for more from Alex Tanney, but he was constantly under heavy pressure by that Jets D-line. Which is without question the best position unit for the Jets.

The Titans take on the Carolina Panthers this Saturday at 3p.m. in Nissan Stadium. So we will get another look at the team this weekend.


Chad A. writes:

“Davey, how do you not like cheese? It’s like the greatest food creations to date. And it cannot be a pizza unless there is cheese on it. Explain yourself.”

I really don’t know what to tell you, Chad. I’m not allergic, just not a fan. Honestly, I wish I had a better answer for you. I also do not like milk (chocolate milk excluded). So I don’t know if that makes you like me more or less.


Thanks again for the questions everyone. Hope you all have a great weekend.

As always you can get your questions in by email at or tweet in @Davey_Hudson or @FOXSportsKnox


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