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FOX Sports Knoxville Mailbag: One-legged Nick Saban and Under Armour/Trump


Welcome to the new FOX Sports Knoxville weekly mailbag! Send us any questions you’d like at We’re accepting all questions about Valentine’s Day, Tennessee athletics, and awards shows now.

What do you make of Lane Kiffin being out on the prowl for college girls now that he’s a head coach?

Will: Is it terribly different from his past behavior? Lane Being Lane is pretty great for college football as a whole. Whether it’s great for Florida Atlantic football is your call. FAU has enough talent to come within shouting distance of a bowl next year, and they’ll certainly have enough by 2018. I’d anticipate his success in those areas matters more.

Of course, he could get tired of Boca Raton and jet for the first good offer he gets. Maybe something similar to when Southern Miss’s coach (Todd Monken) left to be a Tampa Bay assistant after 2015. That stuff happens all over the board. Plus, Boca Raton is a turd. I went there for the Boca Raton Bowl in December and the town is one large version of that overpriced grocery store half a mile from the Disney gates. At least there’s a Shake Shack.

Jon: It’s fascinating. How many other single coaches do we have? Really, the only other one that comes to mind is Kliff Kingsbury. Surely we would see the stories of him out in bars with co-eds, right? He’s better looking than Lane and definitely plays into the playboy stereotype more. Have I missed these stories?

Either way, it feels creepy. I know he’s single and that all coaches do it, but it feels creepy. I don’t know if it’s fair or not to ask a single man to stay in the house and not be seen out in public.

Life Champions. Five-Star Hearts. What’s the worst thing that Butch has ever said?

Jon: Butch is truly at his worst when he’s overcompensating for a failure. Lose out on the SEC East? Drop a life champions quote that reeks of moral victory. Strike out on five-star talent? Talk about character.

However, even I must admit that there’s some, a tiny, miniscule, part of me that respects the underlying message of the statements. Butch is supposed to win football games, but he’s also supposed to be shaping young men. His statements are all just ridiculously poorly timed and come across as defensive.

The worst thing that Butch Jones has ever said is when he flat-out lied to everyone and boasted that he would put together the best coaching staff in America.

Blake Rainey: No one thought he could top the stupidity of “Life Champions”, but “Five Star Hearts” is by far the most idiotic thing he’s ever said. He is basically saying he got out-recruited by the majority of the SEC, and that’s the best thing he could come up with in regards to being out-recruited. It makes him sound like a complete idiot and an embarrassment to Tennessee.

Every company made a safe political statement at the Super Bowl. Today, Under Armour’s CEO came out in support of President Trump. What are your thoughts?

Will: Who cares? The fetishization both of celebrity thoughts and of corporations is sickening. No one on earth should have their day altered by Under Armour’s support of DJT. (I’m not really a fan either way; the shorts are too thin.)

Here is a thought: practice what you preach. Audi, 84 Lumber, and AirBNB came out with strongly-messaged ads against Trump’s ideals, with all three focusing especially on those of color and women. This would be fine if these three corporations collectively had more than one woman or one minority on their boards of directors.

Jon: Under Armour has been tanking. I haven’t thought about Jordan Spieth in at least a year. Tom Brady…well, Tom Brady is still the man. It was a sneaky conspiracy that Nike pressured Kevin Durant to sign with the Warriors to kind of steal at least a little bit of attention from Steph Curry. That, combined with Curry’s disappointing NBA Finals, seems to have worked.

All of these other companies zigged; Under Armour zagged. Here we are talking about them.

You’re stranded on an island with 1 person. You have to work together to survive. Pick 1: Sunseri, Canales, or Saban with 1 leg.

Will: I liked this question a lot to the extent I drew out pros and cons for each:

One-legged Saban is easily your best bet, but Canales would be pretty hilarious. If you’re looking for a happy path to death, Canales is probably it. Sunseri would be awful in every way.

Jon: I know that the obvious answer is keep Nick Saban. The greatest coach of all-time being on your island would be an asset. He’s a master strategist. It all makes sense. However, let’s face the undeniable facts: choosing Nick Saban, especially a Saban forced to rely even more heavily on his mind, would somehow end up with him convincing me to sacrifice myself for the betterment of the team. I’d somehow end up like Hodor.

“Here, strap me to your back and carry me around. Trust me. Trust the process. This is the way it must be.” *A couple of weeks later* “I’m hungry. Can I eat you? Trust me. Trust the process. This is the way it must be.”

On the other hand, Chico Canales would spend most of his time on the island working on his tan. He coached like six All-Americans*. Surely he could coach me off of the island and back to America, right? No.

Give me Sal Sunseri. At the very least, when we die, in my heart I know that it’s my fault. No one can succeed when relying on Sal Sunseri.

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