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FOX Sports Knoxville: Game Of Thrones Edition

Winter is coming, which means the Fanrun faithful are gearing up for the upcoming and final season of Game of Thrones on HBO.

As the talk of the season rages across all of the shows, Russell Smith and I have set out to merge Fox Sports Knoxville with the Game of Thrones universe. After a small amount of banter was thrown around of which people at the station resemble which characters the most, we had an idea:

If the Fanrun Studios was Game of Thrones, who would be each character? Get ready to storm the castle, because here is our Game of Thrones roles for each of the Fox Sports Knoxville hosts:


Nate Hodges: Tywin Lannister – The elder patriarch of the Fanrun family. Hopefully no one shoots him while he’s on the crapper.

Houston Kress: Daenerys Targaryen – Mother, I mean, Father of Vol Twitter. The people seek him out
in abundance, and his goal is to set the people free from tyranny, staterun radio, or whatever else it may be.

Davey Hudson: Brienne of Tarth – The resemblance is striking. Plus as a law student, he must operate by a code of ethics.

Talk Sports

Jon Reed: Lord Varys Again the resemblance is striking. Fanrun’s Master of Whispers is pulling the strings behind nearly every big decision made by the powers that be.

Cody McClure: Samwell Tarly – Like Sam, Big Cody Mac is a gentle giant. Although we seriously doubt he will be taking in any single moms and their inbred babies.

Ben Lee: Tyrion Lannister – He drinks and he knows things. Well he drinks anyway.

It’s Optional

Trey Wallace: Euron Greyjoy – Like Euron, Trey is a relative newcomer to Fanrun. Unlike Euron, his family
likes him (as far as we know).

Chance Collins: Jorah Mormont – Exiled from The Drive, he now serves another show.

Brandon Johns: Bronn – Instant impact when he Champions for Tywin Lannister. Instant impact producing for It’s Optional. A pair of mysterious figures, too.

The Drive

Russell Smith: Littlefinger – Cunning, influential, duplicitous. Which Fanrun personality will he betray next? Who will ultimately cut his throat?

Bear: The Hound – The Drive’s enforcer marches to the beat of his own drummer. And that drummer has really shitty rhythm.

Brandon Orrick: Hodor – Brandon…Brandon…Brandon

Ric Butler: Arya Stark – The youngest of the Fanrun crew and perhaps the most resilient. Stick them with the pointy end, Ric.


Tanner Carson: Bran Stark – Leading the late night crew, Tanner’s able to SEE everything that’s already happened during the day and analyze it. Do you SEE what we did there?

Cole McCormick: Davos Seaworthm – The loyal companion to Tanner and Overtime. However, Davos did leave for House Stark… Let’s hope that part doesn’t come true at least.

Daniel Brackman: Tormund Giantsbane – A witty savage raider North of the Wall. Brackman has often been referred to as the witty raider of Cool Beans.

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