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FOX Sports Knoxville 7/27 Weekly Mailbag


From Derek Dooley back in the SEC to new Tennessee Vols’ jerseys to people getting poop in the shower, check out this week’s edition of the FOX Sports Knoxville Weekly Mailbag. Let’s get rolling, starting with the last on Ole Miss.


Reggie G. writes:

With Hugh Freeze ‘resigning’ as the head coach of Ole Miss, who does the University hire as its next head coach? I have heard names from Lane Kiffin to Les Miles to Derek Dooley. So where does Ole Miss go from here?”

One thing I am 100% certain on is that Houston Nutt will not be the next head coach. Talk about crippling program. If Ole Miss doesn’t try to blame Nutt for the violations Hugh Freeze is still coaching in Mississippi. What’s even worse for Ole Miss is now Houston Nutt’s attorney is seeking to get a hold of AD Ross Bjork’s email records. So hold on Ole Miss fans, I have a good feeling you haven’t hit rock bottom yet.

Lane Kiffin is a pipe dream for Ole Miss right now. He just got to FAU, and he knows first hand what it’s like to take on a coaching job for a school that has faced a lot of NCAA violations and sanctions. That being said, it wouldn’t be the first time Kiffin bolted from a school after just getting settled in. But just to be clear, Ole Miss will not be getting on the Lane Train.

I don’t see how the school could convince Les Miles to come take over. If you’re Les and you believe this is the best opportunity you will get as a head coach for the foreseeable future, go ahead and take it. Several reports have said there are mutual interests for both parties about the position. If that’s the case, Ole Miss should strike now while you still have a chance.

When it comes to Derek Dooley, you got to love the hire if you like watching subpar football and knowing you can never win a championship at any level. Dooley as we all know couldn’t even eclipse a winning record at Louisiana Tech (17-20). I’m not even going to put his record while at Tennessee because it is just down right shameful. I feel it’s beneficial for both parties if neither pursue each other.

For the immediate future Matt Luke has been named the interim head coach for the upcoming season. He will get a look to possibly be the long term replacement depending on how Ole Miss fares under him this season. And if Ole Miss doesn’t get Les Miles, I see Matt Luke as the odds on favorite for the job down in Oxford.

All I can say, if you are Matt make sure to redact the escort service from your phone records if any issues arise this season.

– Davey Hudson


Kyle M. writes:

“Do you believe we’ll ever see more alternate uniforms (for Tennessee football) from Nike?”

Absolutely. I believe that now that Nike is the uniform provider, we will see more alternate uniforms appearing in the near future. The Smokey Grey uniforms were accepted because they had existed previously under Adidas, but I believe Nike didn’t want to make a huge splash too quickly. There are several great ideas out there for new alternates, and this is my favorite:



Tennessee won’t ever become the Oregon of the east as many people feared, but I do believe that Nike will take Tennessee’s vast tradition and try to incorporate that more into the uniforms they produce. Plus, they could create them as merchandise for the fans. And they’d make a ton of money selling that too.

– Jake Tidwell


Noah W. writes:

“What’s the deal with Kyrie Irving? He’s play with the greatest player of his generation, and it’s not like he will contend for a championship if he goes somewhere else. What are your thoughts?”

I’ve come out on this issue and said on Overtime last Friday that he will be traded by the end of August. I think he will either be traded to the Spurs or to the Knicks, but the Nuggets are a dark horse (and my preferred team for him). The Nuggets could give the Cavaliers young pieces like Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris, some first round picks, veterans like Kenneth Faried, etc.

If you slot in Irving next to Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokic, that could create a quality Big 3. I would also enjoy seeing him traded to Minnesota, which is one of his preferred destinations. A core of Irving, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, and Karl Anthony-Towns would be terrifying for the rest of the Western Conference moving forward. The only problem with that is the assets that the Timberwolves would have to give up for Irving may be too great and deplete Minnesota of their depth.

– Jake Tidwell


John Doe (sender wishes to remain anonymous) writes:

So my roommate tells me that when he has to take a preshower dump he doesn’t wipe. He just washes it off in the shower. WE USE THE SAME F****N SHOWER!!! Is this not the grossest thing ever? I am literally gagging writing you this. What’s my move here?”

First of all, your roommate needs to be put in prison. No trial needed! Forget locking people up for petty drug offenses. People say terrorism is bad. The shower shitters are this country’s number 1 threat to living in a civilized world. This man is clinically insane!

It’s one thing if you live alone and don’t have to share a shower (which is still absolutely disgusting), but this guy knows other people are using the same shower. Did he at least give a reason why he does this? Surely he isn’t trying to make the argument that it saves time. If you don’t have an extra 3 seconds in your day to wipe, what are you doing with your life. And I pray his defense is not that it saves paper by not wiping your ass.

I feel your best move here is to enter his room and shit on his floor. Leave it there and let him find it. When he questions you just say, “how does it feel to have step where someone else’s shit has been?” Then just strut out of the room. *Mic Drop*

If he doesn’t question you there is an even bigger problem at hand. Who doesn’t mention a giant human turd just sitting on the floor. If this is the case, your roommate might be a serial killer. All I can say then is move out right this second! You don’t want him going O.J. on you. Leave while you still have a chance.

I need President Trump to send out a tweet ASAP creating a new policy to have shower shitters thrown in jail, no questions asked!

– Davey Hudson


Based on the response we’ve been getting, we hope to start doing a couple on air. We appreciate your support. Keep sending them in!

As always, if you want to get your question on the mailbag email it to

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