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Former Gator Joakim Noah Has Lost His Mind

Add Joakim Noah to the list of former Florida Gators who have lost their mind.

To be fair to Joakim, it’s been a stressful last couple of years. After signing with his hometown New York Knicks in the summer of 2016, Noah has only played a total of 53 games and 1055 minutes. Complicating the matters is that Phil Jackson was the only person alive that thought a decaying Joakim Noah was worth $72 million. He earned $444,125 per minute he played in 2018.

All of this led to a messy divorce.  And Joakim being ordered to stay away from the team. The end result is apparently Joakim Noah dyeing his beard blond and going out into the rain forest and maybe doing a bunch of drugs.



I cannot decide if I should file this under “living your best life” or “mental breakdown.”

The guy has made a lot of money playing basketball.  But he’s been pretty much exiled from the league and his hometown team. He’s able to retire early and go to the rain forest. He probably didn’t think he’d be forced to be retired at the age of 33. His hair is cool. His beard looks really stupid.

It’s a close call.

The good news is that if it is a mental breakdown, he’d have a long way to go to unseat Aaron Hernandez as the worst former Florida Gator athlete.


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