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Florida Unveiled Some “Interesting” Alternate Uniforms

Florida unveiled some new uniforms on Monday night, and they’re…interesting. The new gator skin-themed uniforms will be debuted when Florida takes on Texas A&M this weekend. These have drawn some strong reaction from fans across the country, with some claiming that they are incredible. Others came away…less impressed.



Let’s start with the helmets.

Honestly, I am a fan of the helmets. They’re simple, dark grey matte helmets with the Florida logo. I am a big fan of simple helmets and Nike kept this one clean and sleek.

The undershirt isn’t bad either, honestly.

The blue gator skin pattern looks good, and it would look incredible with Florida’s plain white jersey. However, this abomination of a jersey ruins any good the uniform had going for it. Seriously, what are you thinking Florida? The color itself looks like a combination of polluted swamp water and a wet concrete slab. Or, in other words, basically just the Florida offense.

The gator print itself is a great idea in theory, but looks horrendous in practice.

Seriously, these might be the worst uniforms in college football history.

SBNation did a nice piece gathering up some of the worst, and it’s safe to say that Florida has joined these ranks. What poor soul even dreamed up this idea?

“Hey you know what would be cool? Gators in gator skin! There’s no way that could go wrong.”

I wouldn’t even purchase these jerseys with a “stolen” credit card.

One could even say that Florida really jumped the shark with these.

I’ll show myself out.

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