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Auburn Self-Reports Violation After Florida Students Shower Basketball Team With Money, F-B-I Chants

The news that has been rocking the collegiate sports world is the emergence of all the allegations regarding misconduct by over 20 NCAA basketball programs. With names like Deandre Ayton, Miles Bridges and Collin Sexton being thrown around, these investigations may change college basketball as we know it, even in the SEC.

LSU, South Carolina and Kentucky players have been mentioned, with former Auburn assitant coach Chuck Person arrested and let go during the beginning of the probe. Now, Auburn has turned itself in for a violation… just not one you would think of.

After a loss to the Gators in Gainesville on Saturday, the Tigers were walking back to the locker rooms when they were showered with five dollar bills by Florida students while the group chanted, “F-B-I! F-B-I!”

I mean, no one is surprised that Florida fans did something this stupid. Who gives away money to the people they don’t like? At least they weren’t giving away other people’s credit cards.

And the funniest part of the whole video is that the Auburn players actually thanked the fans for the money. I mean hell, if someone is giving me money for no reason, I’m gonna be pretty happy and grateful for it, too.

Auburn players took the money, like any red-blooded human would. Unfortunately, that’s an NCAA violation because the money is real.

“It was real money, and I think there’s $5 or $6 that are out there, and because you guys know we’re compliant, we’ve actually turned that money over to compliance,” Tigers coach Bruce Pearl said to “Really. I don’t know, it was five or six bucks, but our people have the money. I don’t know what they’re going to do with it, probably give it to charity, but we’ve already self-reported.”

Good on the Tigers for turning it in. It could’ve resulted in even more NCAA troubles if not addressed.

With all of that said, Auburn is still one of the schools that was listed with teams like Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina. And with Bruce Pearl’s history with the NCAA, only The Lord knows whether the Tigers are going to survive this. With the best record in the SEC and a projected No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament from Joe Lunardi, Auburn fans better hope this investigation doesn’t affect their tournament chances.

Ultimately, we all know pocketing some Swamp Cash won’t be what brings down the Auburn basketball program. The team just better hope Bruce isn’t planning a team “cookout” anytime soon.

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