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Florida Gators Receiver Antonio Callaway Cited For Marijuana Possession

Florida wide receiver and rising junior Antoni0 Callaway was cited for possession of marijuana after a traffic stop in Gainesville on May 13.

According to the police report, officers on the scene found seven grams of marijuana on Callaway and another 5.4 grams of the drug in a vehicle which belonged to Callaway’s accomplice, Kendrick Williams.

Callaway is due in court on June 6, according to records.

Florida head coach Jim McElwain commented on Callaway’s situation Thursday during a stop on his spring speaking tour.

“I’m just, I’m really disappointed, and I’m aware of it and everything and we’ll handle it accordingly. “But, you know, just really disappointed. And yet, at the same time, there’s another opportunity to learn, there’s another opportunity to educate and, like I said, we’ll get it handled.”

“We’ll get everything handled. I’m just really disappointed. And it’s one of those things because these guys, they’re truly like my kids. And those are the things that we constantly, situations that come up that we constantly talk (about), and yet at the same time there’s choices. Like I said, I’m just really disappointed,” McElwain said.

This is the second consecutive offseason in which Callaway has ran into trouble with the law. Last year, he was involved in allegations of sexual assault against him and admitted to using marijuana during the alleged incident. He was found to be innocent of any crime, but was still suspended by McElwain for that spring.

Some alarming information regarding this incident with Callaway is the checkered past of Williams, who was driving the vehicle.

The 40-year-old Williams has a long history of incidents with the law. Here is the full list of charges from SEC Country:


July 2, 1996 – Driving while driver’s license suspended or revoked (Withheld adjudication)
Nov. 5, 1996 – Driving while driver’s license suspended or revoked (Withheld adjudication)
Dec. 2, 1997 – Tag not assigned (Withheld adjudication)
Dec. 5, 2001 – Open container (Withheld adjudication)
Jan. 16, 2003 – Violate driver license’s restrictions
Apr. 15, 2003 – Criminal mischief less than 200 (Guilty adjudication)
July 24, 2007 – Marijuana possession – Not more than 20 grams (Guilty adjudication)
Aug. 13, 2007 – Cocaine possession (Withheld adjudication)
Oct. 9, 2007 – Lewd and lascivious behavior: Molest child 12YOA up to 16YO (Transferred to another court)
Oct. 9, 2007 – Battery: Touch or strike (Transferred to another court)
Dec. 18, 2007 – Vehicle theft: Grand third degree
Dec. 18, 2007 – Nonmoving traffic violation (Guilty adjudication)
July 25, 2007 – Battery: Touch or strike (No info unable to find victim)
Mar. 28, 2008 – Battery: Touch or strike (Guilty adjudication)
Mar. 28, 2008 – Procure for prostitute: solicit another for lewdness (Acquitted)
May 11, 2009 – Resist officer: refuse to sign citation
May 11, 2009 – Cocaine possession
May 11, 2009 – Marijuna possession: not more than 20 grams
May 11, 2009 – Evidence destroying
Jan. 14, 2009 – No motor vehicle registration
June 30, 2009 – Driving vehicle in unsafe condition
Sept. 25, 2013 – Drugs trafficking: controlled substance
Jan. 14, 2014 – Knowingly driving while license suspended

That is pretty lengthy. For McElwain, he probably would not like arguably his best offensive weapon in the company of somebody like Williams. This is especially true considering Callaway’s future, which has NFL potential.

From here, it will be interesting to see if Callaway is suspended for the second offseason in a row. Since this is another brush with the law for Callaway, could McElwain make the punishment tougher?

Florida opens its season against Michigan on Sept. 2 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tex. It is a possibility that Callaway could at least be suspended for the first half against the Wolverines, but that is all up to McElwain.

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