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Florida Man Arrested, Tried To Stuff Motor Oil And DVDs Down Pants For God Knows Why

Has smuggling items stuffed down your pants officially jumped the shark?

First, we saw the Predators fan smuggle a catfish into Pittsburgh by keeping it in his pants. Now, a Florida man has taken that to the next level. Yesterday in Polk County, a man attempted to steal 15 bottles of motor oil and 30 DVD’s from a convenience store by shoving them down his pants. Unfortunately for him, he attempted this in front of a plainclothes detective.

The officer quickly apprehended the man, but this story raises questions. What did he need 15 bottles of motor oil for? Why is he stealing 30 bargain bin movies? How in the hell did he manage to balance all of those goods in his pants? Were there interior pockets? We, as Americans, need answers.

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