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Flashback Friday: Tennessee’s administration, students both look silly in ‘pronoun’ video

As you’ve heard, today was Dave Hart’s final day at the University of Tennessee. Not too long before that, Jimmy Cheek left his post for the final time as chancellor. It’s a day of change at Tennessee, and the best way to celebrate change is to…look back. Okay, maybe we didn’t think that one through too well. But it’s important to remember where you came from and the major events that shaped where everyone’s favorite orange-shaded university currently is.

Without Clay Travis’s reminder of it today, none of us had thought about this in a long time. Well, here it is: the infamous gender-neutral pronoun controversy. In video form. This is 14 months old, and it’s still as good as gold today.

FOX Sports Knoxville personality Nate Hodges calls this the “funniest thing he’s ever seen.” I think regardless of where you fall on the left/right-wing scale, you can find at least some humor in this on one side or the other, whether it’s due to the administration, the students, or both.

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